Why do Some People get Healed and Not Others?

This is a big one. Theologically, emotionally, big. Healing is a "buzz word" for many Christians. Few things are as exciting as watching God supernaturally heal someone! In the same vein, few things as confusing or frustrating as the times when God doesn't heal someone. I get it. I've seen people miraculously healed in front … Continue reading Why do Some People get Healed and Not Others?

What’s with the “Gold Dust?”

One of the first things people ask me, when they hear I'm a fan of the supernatural operating in and through a Christian's life, is this, "What's with the "gold dust"?" (If you're not familiar with "gold dust", or you're just interested in seeing some- you can watch this video here, where I show some … Continue reading What’s with the “Gold Dust?”

The God of Second Chances.

It was a cold rainy Autumn day in the U.K., and I found myself walking around an impressively sized abandoned church building, next door to the smaller chapel I was about to preach in. The church building was falling apart, listed for sale years ago, yet it was still so beautiful. As I gazed up … Continue reading The God of Second Chances.