This morning I snaked my way up the windy roads, through the ferns and the gum trees, up the mountains behind my house. I recently discovered a little cafe up here that makes a mean coffee and has a great vibe to it, it’s also one that I rarely see people I know in- which can be a good thing when you are trying to tuck yourself away to write.

The problem is though, it’s not my regular- the one and only “The Storehouse” in Mt. Evelyn.

That place is familiar, and more than that it’s family. That place is run by such an amazing crew who host the presence of God so well.

Bu this place, it’s different. It doesn’t have the same atmosphere.

Although it does have a great vibe, it doesn’t seem to have the same “presence of God” to it that The Storehouse does.

Half way up the mountain I pulled my car over. Should I turn around and base myself out of The Storehouse for the day, or should I go to this new space? I literally sat on the side of the road for five minutes trying to decide. It sounds trivial, but we have no power at home today due to electrical works, and it’s freezing at home with no heating, so I wanted to spend my long hours in the right space. What’s more, as a Christian I take seriously that Jesus has all of me, even where I go to drink coffee.

I asked God, “where?” I had no clear response. Then the thought came to me, “Wherever you are, I am. You carry the presence of God with you. Take it into this new space.”

Friends, it can be so easy to stay in our comfort zones, to keep our light where other lights are. To stay where we know the presence of God is, and not leave those spaces. Yet, if you are a Christian, you carry His presence with you wherever you go!

God is no longer confined to space, He isn’t attached to geography (although for whatever reason some spaces certainly feel lighter than others), He is attached to people. God is attached to you.

There was a time when God was put in a box, behind a curtain. This was where His presence seemed to dwell, at least in it’s strongest form. However, it would appear that God doesn’t want to be boxed up anymore. When Jesus died that curtain was ripped in two. The ark of the covenant of the Lord (the box) isn’t in use anymore, in fact it’s no where to be found, not even Indiana Jones can find it (Am I showing my age!?).

His presence is meant for His people.

I encourage you today, go somewhere new and take His presence. Take a step out of your boat and walk on water.

You may feel uncomfortable in new spaces, surrounded by the unknown, but I encourage you that you are also surrounded by His presence.

This song has been ROCKING me lately- it reminds me that I am surrounded by Him and His loving presence at all times- enjoy.


I also did a mixed up version of it here- feel free to have a listen.


Carry His presence, God knows the world needs it.



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