The Scarborough’s have ministered with over 300 Churches and Ministries from almost every major denomination across over 15 different nations from Europe to Africa, Asia to America. Here’s what a few of these friends have to say about them.

“I first witnessed Andrew preaching as a 15 year old in the refugee camps of Indonesia. His words were clear and powerful. I was taken aback by this kid who preached with confidence the message of salvation to thousands of refugees. He is a gifted speaker and has a today word for youth and young adults. He is witty but goes for the jugular when it comes to calling people to follow Jesus with their whole lives. Andrew is a friend of mine and will be a major voice in his generation.” 

Carl Cady- U.S. Director, International Friends of Compassion

“Every now and then you run into people in your life that genuinely speak about Christ with compassion and live their lives parallel to it. We were honored to have Joyce Scarborough speak at our missional conference NEDTalks. Although she’s a soft-spoken gentle communicator, her message is anything but this. She quickly captivated us with the power of her message and helped us understand how to begin living a lifestyle that fulfills our call to make disciples in the most simplistic ways.  What a blessing she was for our community!”

 Matt Svajda – Director of Fiducia 

“Energetic, Compassionate, Funny and God Inspired are just a few words that come to mind when I think about Andrew. Our friendship began by a couple of God occurrences which lead to working in my business. He is a wonderful God fearing man with a passion to see the lost saved and the body of Christ equipped to carry out the works of God. Andrew and his wife Joyce are lifelong friends of ours.”

Dale Sheppard- CEO of ASN, Public Speaker

“Andrew is a fantastic leader and communicator, offering a blend of down-to-earth humour, genuine insight and infectious enthusiasm for life that people love.  He doesn’t know the meaning of the word boring and consistently comes up with creative approaches to communicate deep truth and complex concepts to crowds of any size.”  

Dave Reardon, Best Selling Author and Minister, Youth Alive.