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As ministers for over 10 years, and the founders of an Evangelistic Ministry, Awaken the Valley, we are a family that is totally sold out to the mission of Reaching and Reviving the Nations.

We do this primarily through Messages and Music, Media, Miracle Healing Nights, and the Mobilization of others.

We believe God is actively awakening the nations to His supernatural love and redemptive plan, and we are honored to partner with Him in His great work.

This blog and website, is our way of sharing what we have and do, with you.

We pray this site serves you well.

Bless you friend,

Andrew and Joyce Scarborough




Messages & Music

We’ve preached the gospel with over 200 different churches and ministries, across 5 different continents, and over 20 different denominations, and we’d love to partner with you in your ministry and nation too.

To hear a message by Andrew click here.

To watch a talk by Joyce click here.

To hear a radio interview with Joyce and Andrew, click here. 

To hear Andrew and Joyce sing- click here. 

To invite us to speak or worship lead, please fill out our inquiry form.

You can see our upcoming events at the bottom of this page.

Miracle Healing Nights

We run Miracle Healing Nights.

The Goal: Souls saved.

The Method: Proclaim and demonstrate the Kingdom of God by preaching the gospel message plainly and simply, and by praying for the sick to be healed.

Contact us if you’d like us to run a Miracle Healing Night with you.

You can see our upcoming events at the bottom of this page.



We want to mobilize you to reach your world with the gospel too.

We love training and teaching individuals, couples, small groups and large organizations on how to preach the gospel, pray for the sick, and contend for revival.

If you would like to minister with us, or come alongside us to learn how we share Jesus’ Message and love, we would love to hear from you.

We are are passionate about raising up fellow evangelists and revivalists, prayer warriors, and those interested in sharing Jesus through media.

For more info on how we mobilize others, or to invite us to equip you or your organization in Evangelism and Revival ministry, please contact us.



The Scarborough’s have ministered with over 300 Churches and Ministries from almost every major denomination across over 15 different nations from Europe to Africa, Asia to America. Here’s what a few of these friends have to say about them.

“I first witnessed Andrew preaching as a 15 year old in the refugee camps of Indonesia. His words were clear and powerful. I was taken aback by this kid who preached with confidence the message of salvation to thousands of refugees. He is a gifted speaker and has a today word for youth and young adults. He is witty but goes for the jugular when it comes to calling people to follow Jesus with their whole lives. Andrew is a friend of mine and will be a major voice in his generation.” 

Carl Cady- U.S. Director, International Friends of Compassion

“Every now and then you run into people in your life that genuinely speak about Christ with compassion and live their lives parallel to it. We were honored to have Joyce Scarborough speak at our missional conference NEDTalks. Although she’s a soft-spoken gentle communicator, her message is anything but this. She quickly captivated us with the power of her message and helped us understand how to begin living a lifestyle that fulfills our call to make disciples in the most simplistic ways.  What a blessing she was for our community!”

 Matt Svajda – Director of Fiducia 

“Energetic, Compassionate, Funny and God Inspired are just a few words that come to mind when I think about Andrew. Our friendship began by a couple of God occurrences which lead to working in my business. He is a wonderful God fearing man with a passion to see the lost saved and the body of Christ equipped to carry out the works of God. Andrew and his wife Joyce are lifelong friends of ours.”

Dale Sheppard- CEO of ASN, Public Speaker

“Andrew is a fantastic leader and communicator, offering a blend of down-to-earth humour, genuine insight and infectious enthusiasm for life that people love.  He doesn’t know the meaning of the word boring and consistently comes up with creative approaches to communicate deep truth and complex concepts to crowds of any size.”  

Dave Reardon, Best Selling Author and Minister




Billy Graham used to say, “I’m not coming (to minister) unless you’ve prayed.” We know that prayer is the foundation for all ministry. Please partner with us in prayer.

Our latest prayer letter can be found here.

You can sign up for our prayer letters by emailing us with the subject: “I want to pray.”


If you desire to see the gospel preached to all nations, and the church be fully alive, then we invite you to partner with us in this ministry. You can give through Paypal below.

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The Scarboroughs

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