I’m a big fan of the supernatural.

Angels, Miracles and the Holy Spirit. Diseases healed. souls saved, the dead rising… supernaturally.


I’m a big fan of the supernatural.

But why?

Because put plainly, the natural doesn’t cut it.

Last night I sat on a park bench next to a man who was a stranger to me, as he poured out his heart, “My son is messed up from drugs, and I don’t know what to do!?”

“Have you tried praying?”, I asked.

“Praying… I’m not religious!” My new friend replied, frustrated. “What kind of a big man sits up there watching all this bad stuff happen here on Earth?”

“But have you tried?” I asked again, with genuine care in my heart.

“No.” He responded.

I sought to encourage him that the evil in this world isn’t all God’s fault, “There are two sides to this coin friend, the devil is seeking to destroy, but Jesus wants to give life.”

“I hope you’re right”, my friend murmured.

Yes, I’m a big fan of the supernatural, because 10 years of natural medication hasn’t cured my new friend’s son, but I know a supernatural prayer can.

“Our church started off with the fire of God, people were getting saved and the church was growing all the time!”, another man recently told me, this one a long time friend.

“What happened!?” I asked.

His silence was enough of a response.

Nothing happened. The supernatural was simply forgotten, displaced by the meetings and musings of the natural, silently placed into the history books of revival.

“How does a nation change?” We ask. “How does it return to it’s former glory, where God is again at it’s center?”

…Not by might nor by power, but by [God’s] Spirit… (Zechariah 4:6).

Yes, I’m a huge fan of the supernatural. God’s Spirit is the only hope we’ve got!

The natural never has, and never will cut it.

We need the supernatural power, grace, and love of God.

I pray that the natural world would be empty to you, that you would turn to Jesus, and that He would fill you, supernaturally.

I’m a big fan of the supernatural, because I’m a big fan of a God who is able to do greater things than we could ever imagine. (Ephesians 3:20).

– Andrew

Andrew is the author of several books including From Hater to Healer: One Skeptic’s Journey into the Supernatural. You can buy it on Kindle HERE or get a fresh paperback copy HERE.



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