🛑 Your family is your number one ministry. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

This morning my son and I were sitting on the couch together as I sent a quick message to a friend about his Gospel Event coming up in August.

“August?” My son said.

“But my birthday is in August.”

“Don’t worry son,” I replied. I won’t miss your birthday.

“Hey Dad,” he continued, “Do you remember the time you were asked to speak at a big ministry event August 15-19 and you said no because it was my birthday weekend?”

(This was 2-3 years ago and my son is only 8 years old)

“Well why did you do that when it would have been so good for the ministry?”

“Because you’re my number one ministry mate.”

“But Dad, that event would have been serving God.”

“But so is being your Dad, son. Anyone can preach a sermon, but only I can be your Dad.”

My son looked at me with tears in his eyes and climbed up onto my lap and gave me a huge hug.

“You’re saying I’m more important than ministry?”

“You’re more important than any other ministry, you, your brother and sister and your Mum are my first ministry.”

He just sat there, arms around my neck so very thankful.

❤️ 😭 😊

What you say yes and no to matters.

I once heard it said, “Your wife [and kids] will always think you’re having an affair with your ministry. It’s your job to prove them wrong.”

If the Lord is challenging you to take care of your family, make the necessary changes today.

  • Now don’t hear what im not saying, even Jesus worked on the Sabbath, but ONLY when it was His Father working through Him. Don’t make working when you should be resting (or present with family) your rule, but rather the exception to the rule.

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