Never in my life have I had so many detours and delays. So many, “Well that didn’t go to plan” moments that it’s almost becoming laughable.

Last week a family of Ukrainian refugees was going to move into our home. We set our bungalow up, we bought material for fencing, we even began learning about Ukrainian culture… this week they aren’t coming anymore, they’ve gone to a different home! A week ago, I was planning a ministry trip to the UK and France with my whole family, this week it looks like we can’t afford it and I’ll have to go solo. And as if I needed a clearer metaphor for how my life is right now, just yesterday my daughter was competing in her cross country and at the end of lap one as she began lap two, she simply decided she was done, walked off the track and burst into tears in my arms, “I don’t want to run anymore.” The poor girl got more than sympathy from me, she got empathy, sometimes I think I know how she felt!

Let me let you into a little more of what’s been happening for my wife and I. I’m writing this blog from the first of three flights that I will take over the next two days, with my destination being America, I booked these flights just three days ago! Four days ago this trip wasn’t even on my radar.

Here’s the context.

At the end of this past year, my wife and I had a wonderful conversation with an incredible ministry based in the USA, about how we could serve them. They had a need, we have a heart to serve them, and everything seemed like a perfect fit. We promptly put our house on the market, and began to sell our belongings in Australia, ready to shift our family to be close to this ministry. Just as our house went “Under Contract”, we found out the ministry was facing some challenges, and a future role now seemed uncertain. “God, that’s not how this was meant to pan out!” was my immediate thought. Yet He reminds me of His faithfulness, and how He is in the delays and the detours. Just as I was driving to the airport this morning I got a call, “Sorry Andrew, the finance didn’t go through for the couple who want to buy your house. We’re back to square one.”

“Praise the Lord!”, was my initial thought!

I was beginning to think we could soon be without a home! But now, another potential delay, another potential detour, but there is a blessing in this detour and delay!

Delays and detours never take the Lord by surprise. This delay in selling our house is a gift from above, for it gives us more time to see if now is the time to relocate to America or not.

While today I fly to America to serve this ministry during the challenges they are facing, I’m also believing I will get a good feel for what their needs are and if now is the right time for us to relocate or if indeed we should be waiting. Thankfully with our house not selling yet, we now have the option of waiting in our own home until we have a clearer picture.

God knows what He is doing!

You see God cares about the journey just as much as the destination, and He knows when there’s a delay or a detour coming up. Let me say it again, nothing takes Him by surprise.

I don’t know what’s happening in your world today, but I can tell you this, God is with you. He isn’t surprised by the delays coming at you. One day you may very well look back and say, “Ah God, thank you for the delay! I wouldn’t be who I am today if you hadn’t led me that way!”

Of interest, I actually preached on this very topic on Sunday. I think this sermon could really encourage you- check it out below. When you’re done watching please leave me a comment on how I can pray for you if you’re in a delay.

Grace and peace,


One thought on “The God of the Detour and Delay.

  1. Wow Andrew. What an incredible set of events. A number of months ago I had a lady in my home group I was leading who brought demons upon and inside my house. I still have slight PTSD from the roars and crashes which sounded like my whole roof had smashed inside the house and loud noises I can’t describe as a tall vase cracked over several days as well as Tiles been thrown off my roof when there was no weather event and my Nieghbours had nothing. Pastors from my Church prayed over my house and I anointed it with Holy oil as I had done for many others when in Melbourne. The lady left so all good now. Gary Parsons who led a prayer ministry group I was a member of for many years said to me. “Only you Julie , only you“! I have had other significant encounters with demons. I tell you this because that phrase came to mind as I read your sequence of events. “ Only you Andrew, only you “ !! Why God chooses various people for such events, I haven’t worked out. All I know is He has good reason . Another word that was given to me as I read your post was “ Resilience “ I shall pray to God to instil in you a mighty resilience . For Joyce as well. I will also pray for you to recognise God’s leading and purpose for you on your possible transfer to America . Sometimes our will gets in the way, as I am at risk of doing at the moment. We must wait on Him and recognise his leading. May God be with your every step Andrew and keep you safe on this journey. Love and blessings to you and your family Julie Kwok .

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