Here’s to the Workers in the Field

The more I travel, the more aware I am of the desperate need for workers in God’s harvest field who will lay down their own comfort for the sake of their neighbour.

The majority of the world does not yet know Jesus Christ.

Jesus said that He is the way the truth and the life and that no one comes to God the Father except through Him.

This means, without knowing JESUS we can’t really know the true and loving God.

How then can someone come to know Jesus? If someone else tells them about Him. It’s that simple.

Yet various studies, including my own research, shows that only 10% of believers share their faith regularly.

That means 90% of believers keep their faith to themselves.

The interesting thing is, when I ask Christians if they should share their faith, most people answer, yes. Many of us sadly though, just aren’t doing it.

You see the Bible says that we are to love our neighbour as ourselves. If we ourselves have the gift of salvation and an authentic relationship with God, then it’s only loving to give that to others.

Imagine a forest fire raging through a town and only 10% of fire fighters taking up position to defend the citizens.

There is a great fire of sin and separation from God raging across the world and it can only be put out by those that know Jesus.

Or imagine harvest time, and only 10% of the harvesters coming to help bring in the grain!? The world would starve.

Friends, we need all hands on deck.

So I wanted to take a moment to say “thank you” to those that are, on behalf of the billions yet to come to know the Lord.

Thank you to the parent sharing their faith with their children. I was that child once.

Thank you to the missionaries in foreign lands, our nations were those foreign lands once upon a time.

Thank you to the street preachers, the evangelists and the Christian witnesses, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here today.

When someone is drowning, they don’t mind how they are rescued, be it by boat, rope, a life jacket, or a helicopter. They just care that someone was there.

At the end of the day, the lost man or woman doesn’t care how you share, they care that you share.

So, thank you.

We need you in the field. Keep shining, keep sharing.


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