One of the joys of flying on long flights, is it gives you time to reflect on life. I find myself literally up in the clouds, with my head also metaphorically in the clouds. On my most recent flight I took some time to reflect on what matters most, and the common denominator that separates us from what we may have with what we could have… risk.


“At 35, some would say one is half-way through one’s life. “Middle age”. “3 Score and 10”,  as my grandmother would often remind me, “is all we are promised. Everything else is a bonus.”

I have lived on this planet for 35 years, but I do not see myself as half way through life, I see myself as deeper within it. I see myself as more alive than the day I was born and at the same time, I feel as if I am only just beginning to live, or at very least, learn what life is really about. I am just beginning to appreciate what matters most in life.

I have travelled around the globe and I have seen more life than many could imagine. I have slept in refugee camps in Indonesia, I have had a witchdoctor point a spear in my face in South Sudan. I’ve jumped into snow that’s near deeper than I am tall and laughed as the Northern Lights have flickered overhead in Alaska, and I’ve danced with my children in the kitchen in our many homes, from America to Australia, more times than I can count. What’s more I’ve held my wife in rejoicing at the birth of those children, each born in a different hospital, one in California, two in Australia. I’ve seen life come, and I’ve seen life go, from a dead man on the side of the road in Ibadan, Nigeria, to a man hanging from a tree in Halmahera, Indonesia. Oh, I’ve lived a full life. I dare to even start on my encounters with the Lord, from visions coming to life on a German tower, to angels playing alongside my guitar strumming’s in a stone chapel in Victoria. I have worshipped Jesus in the bush of Mozambique and in the Cathedrals of Windsor Castle. I’ve seen sinners fall to their knees in Wales, and I’ve watched blind eyes open in Beijing. My God what a ride!

And what have I learned through it all? What matters most in life?

Integrity. Honesty. Love. Honour. Sacrifice. Laughter. Worship. Joy. Jesus.

None of these things are material. None of these have a financial price tag. Yet all of them will cost you one thing, risk. To open one’s heart to love and to jump out into an ocean of uncertainty where possibility can become reality.

A friend of mine once said, in awe of how full my life was with adventure, “How do you live the life you live?” I replied something along these lines, “I try every door-knob, and if the door opens, I walk through it. I never force it, I never manipulate it, but if it’s opened for me, I don’t let fear stop me from stepping into what lies ahead.”

What matters most is found when one realizes that one matters most to God and can risk all earthly things as a result, for Christ is one’s all and can never be taken from us unless we give Him up ourselves.

Oh, Jesus. What would I be without Him? Where would I be without Him.

What matters most is found in the centre of His will. Life and joy and freedom, it is all found in Him.

Oh, what a journey this life has been. Just a moment with one of my children is a fullness one can barely describe. Just a glance from my wife is a joy one could never explain with mere words. Just a moment with Jesus is something one must experience to comprehend.

All involves risking for all involves loving and where love is there is the potential for rejection, but never from our Lord.

Step out.

What matters most in life is what must matter most.

Before you know it, this life will be gone.

What did you absorb?

What did you pass on?

Christ, the giver of life and life to the full is waiting with open arms to give you what matters most.

Will you embrace Him and receive from the King the treasures of heaven?

What matters most, is waiting for you.


– Andrew

PS- We are going after what matters most to us and we believe to Jesus- the souls of every precious person. We want everyone to know Jesus. To partner with our ministry sign up as a prayer or financial partner CLICK HERE.

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