Over the next month I will be blogging some testimonies of what the Lord did in Nigeria. It was truly an outstanding time and I want you to be encouraged by all He did.

This story is about a Muslim woman and her daughter, who gave their lives to Jesus on our last day of outreach.

While we were in Nigeria, we faced some serious opposition from elements of the city. We had a group of men try to stop our team on the road, we had gangs threatening to disrupt our gospel campaigns, it was truly an ever escalating situation (not bad by all means, it’s a good sign when you turn a city upside down for the gospel- see Acts 17:6!).

One day we came to a point where the leadership had to make the call that we were to return to the Hotel and cease preaching in the city, yet you wouldn’t believe what happened right before we had to call it a day!

We preached at a school where every child responded positively to the gospel, thrusting their hands in the air to choose the Lord Jesus, but that’s not all! Outside of the school were a Muslim woman and her daughter who were walking by and had caught the tail end of our preaching (see the Muslim lady over the fence in the photo, this is right where these ladies stopped). As we were leaving the school, I felt in my heart that these two needed to give their lives to Jesus too.

I began to share with them, only to find they really could not understand my English. Normally, I would get an interpreter to interpret me as I preached the gospel, but I felt these ladies needed a woman to unpack this Good News to them, and lead them to the Lord. I turned to one of the teachers who was a believer, “I don’t think these ladies know the gospel and I don’t think they are saved, can you please share the gospel with them in their language and bring them to Jesus?”

I watched in awe as this teacher unpacked the simple gospel to these ladies, and then watched them receive the Lord as their Saviour. Tears streamed down my face as I saw the light come on for these dear ladies. What’s even more special is that I didn’t pray with them, it was one of their own countrywomen that lead them to the Lord. A double win, this teacher became and Evangelist, and these women received the Lord!

As I stepped into our van, I simply sat in awe of the goodness of God. He had prompted me to pay special attention to those two ladies, and as a result they walked away from that footpath by the school, brand new creations.

When Holy Spirit prompts you to take a moment with someone, do it. It can change their eternity forever.

Thank you again for standing with us as we preach the Gospel wherever He leads us,

PS- We head back to Australia on Friday, please pray for a safe flight and smooth connections. We love you all and to our Aussie friends, see you soon!

Andrew (Joyce, Sean, Abigail and Evan).

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