Are you a slave to offense?

I have seen so many people hijack their lives, their ministries, their friends and their potential through offense.

Someone ripped them off.

They felt harshly dealt with by a boss.

A colleague got greater attention than they.

Their parents never paid them enough attention.

God didn’t answer their prayer they way they wanted Him too.

The result?

Offense which leads to their very own slavery.

Offense will take you OFF track.
Offense will cause you to build a FENCE.
Offense will attack you, knock you down and then steal your joy… every single day.

Forgiveness is a gift FOR you and for the other.
Forgiveness will GIVE you your peace back.
Forgiveness will find you, bless you and set you free… once and forever.

Get bitter or get better.

Imagine if God held us to the same standard we held others? We’d be busting hell wide open upon the day of our death.

But He does not repay us our evil with evil, He gives us grace for our disgrace.

He gives us life when all we deserve is death.

“Do to others what you wish would be done for you.” – Matthew 7:12

Here are three things to help you overcome offense.

1. Make a decision to never take revenge. Do not avenge yourself. God will be your shield and your defender.

2. Overcome evil with good. Shower the person who offended you with love. I’ve financially blessed several people who have hurt me deeply. As a result I have felt much richer!

3. Keep a sweet spirit between yourself and God and yourself and others and you will go far. Bitterness will hijack your relationships faster than anything else.

Turn your back on the devil but turn your face towards one another.

He can heal any wound. Trust JESUS.

With so much love,


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