I’ve travelled all over the globe to preach the gospel, and where’ve I go I ask to meet with the church or ministry leadership before the meeting.

I usually implore the leaders to stay open to what God wants to do in and through them with something like, “Tonight, please don’t let your position,in the ministry, get in the way of your position, before God. Too many people miss what God has for them because they are too proud to respond to the Lord for fear of what people may say. For example you may think, ‘but I’m the Pastor, Elder, Pastors child, worship leader etc.’ but I urge you not to allow your position to rob you of what God has for you!”

I find pride can rob many a minister from receiving for themselves.

But tonight the Lord has shown me that sometimes we let our lack of position get in the way of our position too! It’s not that we are too proud to respond or to have God use us, it’s that we feel so insignificant that we simply believe He won’t use us or speak to us because of who we aren’t.

Over these past three months I’ve been serving at Christ for All Nation’s Evangelism Bootcamp. I’ve been learning from them and serving them with all I have.

Back in Australia I had what some may call, a significant position. I was a Ministry Director with two Personal Assistants and a team of staff and volunteers (I know, fancy right?!? Not really!) but here I have no position! However, He has positioned me to see incredible things!

I’m seeing people saved all the time! Not as the preacher, but as the server! Just last night a young man got saved while I stood with him in the hallway. No microphone, no title, no “position”, just a positioned heart to serve and be available.

Last weekend I saw a dear man who recently served 39 years in prison, give his life to Jesus! He is now being discipled at the local church here! Was I the preacher? No, he got saved while I was serving him a lemonade!

Don’t let your position (or lack thereof), get in the way of your position! God wants to touch you and use you right where you are now!

You are His hands and feet no matter where you find yourself. You don’t need a position to have the right position before Him to be touched mightily by His love and used mightily for His Kingdom!

While a position (role) may come, don’t make that your goal. Make your position as His son or daughter your goal!

I’m cheering you on,


PS- with no current position (literally), we rely fully on donations for our ministry work. Would you please consider partnering with us? Click here to partner today.

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