Six years ago my wife and I found ourselves back in Australia after three years of church planting in America with no job, no ministry, and no solid home church.

After Pastoring, Church Planting and seeing God move in mighty ways across America, we were suddenly “nobodies”.

I was completely stripped away of all my titles and all my security.

Standing in my backyard I found myself crying out, “Why did you put me on the bench of life God!!!” His response came in the form of a question that would change my life forever.

“Am I enough?”

My honest answer to Him was this, “No, you’re not enough! You plus a ministry is enough, you plus a title is enough, but You are not enough!”

I wept as I realized I had forgotten my first love, I wept as I realized just how spiritually unhealthy I had become.

For the next year I would take the year off from any ministry role. While gardening and running kids to and from kindergarten the Lord began to work on my heart. He showed me that until He was enough I could never be healthy in myself or in any ministry.

You can read the rest of the story HERE, but I finally came to a place where He became my everything.

I realized that I could never ever add to the work of the cross. My identity and acceptance in Him was not based on what I do for Him, but what He did for me!

I’m currently in another season where I have no title, no position, no glory. I am the student that sits in the third row at CFAN BootCamp, I am the trash remover, the video editor, the youth group “go fetch me a water” boy, and I’ve never been so alive.

Why? Because God is enough.

And you know when else I’ll never be alive? When I’m preaching to the masses again! Why? Because God is enough!

It is not in my works or my lack of works that I find fullness of joy… it is in His presence!!! (Psalm 16:11)

He has to be!

In a world where everything is being stripped away, from freedom to travel to freedom to visit friends and family, we are left with only ourselves and Jesus.

Is He enough? He better be or we won’t make it.

Here are three things you can do if your answer was like mine and you believe the lie that He isn’t enough.

1. Lay down the title you have given yourself or others have given you. There is a title waiting for you that is so much more significant, it is Son, it is Daughter, but there is only room enough for one title. The choice is yours.

2. Kill every other idol and if you ever see it again tell it to get back in its grave! Jesus will share His glory with no other!

3. Fall in love again! You don’t have to convince me to spend time with my wife or my gorgeous kids, I am in love with them! I don’t HAVE to spend time with them, I GET to spend time with them. Fall in love again and watch as He becomes more than enough.

I’m cheering you on as you throw yourself at the feet of Jesus. The way to satisfaction isn’t perfection or promotion, it’s the rejection of anything and everything that takes the place of Christ, even good things, even ministry.

He loves you, He simply must be enough.


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