Hi kids,

Here I go again, more on marriage. I share this with you because it seriously is such a significant and powerful part of life. 

Here we go…

7. It takes two to tango, but someone has to step on to be dance floor first. One of the greatest challenges marriages can face is when one or both decide to stop engaging. You then end of with a Marriage Standoff. I’ll forgive you if you first… I’ll say sorry if you… I’ll fix it if you… Marriage doesn’t work that way. Imagine if Jesus had that attitude with us? I’ll give my life if they can clean up their act first. We’d clearly all be in trouble! No, Jesus made the first move and gave Himself for us. Don’t wait for your spouse to move, make the fist move yourself. I’ll never forget doing the dishes one day, complaining to God as your Mum and I had had a fight. I said to God, “why can she be so hard to love!?” God replied, “now you know how I feel about you at times!” I could have died! I learned from that time that we should humble ourselves and approach marriage with such a posture and let God teach us more and more as time goes on. Always be the first to forgive or say sorry.

8. Learn to laugh. Make memories, enjoy each other. These good time will help you sustain your marriage through the hard times.

9. Remember that marriage is awesome. The world will tell you it isn’t but it totally can be!

So much more to come…


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