Hi Kids,

Over the last two days I did a few things that I thought I could never do. I went on a zip line at a height that was way higher than I could have ever imagined I could do, and I rode a bike down a mountain at a ski resort on a downhill mountain bike run, at speeds and al altitude, with risk that I wouldn’t normally take.

I’m adventurous… In that I love to hike and surf, but I do not like heights. You could say- I have a fear of heights.

We all have fears. Some big, some small. Some are rational and some are irrational, and so today I want to talk to you about fear.

1. Fear is normal but not natural. When I say it’s not natural, I mean I don’t believe fear was a part of life before sin entered the world through our rebellion beginning with Adam and Eve. Fear appears to be something of the enemy- Galatians 5:22-23 lists the fruits of the Holy Spirit and fear is not on that list. So fear is normal, but not natural.

2. Fear can be overcome. Trust God, and lean on His strength. Fear is a real tactic of the enemy to make us not do the things God has for us- whether it’s enjoying His creation on a bike ride, or moving overseas to reach a people group for Jesus- fear is the enemy’s weapon. But in Isiah 41:10 we see a time when God says not to fear for He is present. When you know His presence you can push past the fear.

3. Don’t let fear stop you. The whole world will tell you you can’t, they will put a fear of failing in you. Listen to me and to your Heavenly Father- you can do it. If it’s of God, fear not, and let Him make a way.

Life is too short to live in fear, listen to God and His angels cheering you on, and step into what God has for you, despite your fears, for He is big enough to operate through your fears and even heal them and give you great courage.

Lots of love,


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