Hi kids,

Today is a little blog- for the little big things. I want to give you advice on the things you think may not be significant, but can be.

I’m inspired as today, Abi, for the first time on your own you called me “Dada” when I was FaceTime calling you. That’s a little big thing- and it was amazing!

I also saw an amazing butterfly today, and a beautiful barn and an old tractor on a farm. I loved those little big things.

 1. Don’t miss them. Little big things happen all of the time. A beautiful sunset, a child’s hug, a tasty meal. Don’t miss them nor take them for granted- little things make a big difference when you soak them in, likewise you’ll loose your joy if you miss them.

2. Praise God for them. The enemy is constantly throwing big problems our way- praise Gid for every little good thing- you’ll look at how much you have to praise Him and all of a sudden the enemies big things will seem much smaller compared to the big amount of little blessings from God.

3. Stay in awe of them. I remember asking a Pastor from Hillsong, “how do you stay fresh after 30+ years in ministry?” He said he constantly stayed in awe of the little things. Stay in awe!

4. Share them. When we share things we remember things, and it pays to have a library of memories of the little big things for when we need them. Small things like an encouraging word can make a big difference In a time of sadness.

I love you kids, celebrate the little things- it’ll make a big difference.


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