I am expecting a child, well not me personally, as it is Andrew writing this, but my wife is!

Here is one thing I know for sure, the child is getting bigger.

The day of birth is coming (God willing).

There is no going back.

I am expecting a child.

The child is coming, it’s not a question of if anymore, it’s a question of when.

My excitement and anticipation for the birth grows daily.

Let me tell you a story.

The other night, I went to a worship event with 800 other people.

It was with a group called United Pursuit (unitedpursuit.com)- I highly recommend them.

The evening started at 7.30, doors opened at 7.

However, there was a line outside of the church from 6pm!

People were so expectant for the presence of God they they were early and prepared.

The Bible indicates that God dwells in the praises of His people. (Psalm 22:3).

When we start praising God IS going to start dwelling.

The question I have is are we expecting?

How many of us miss out on His presence because we come to church late, we ignore our Bibles and don’t spend time at home with Him?

Do we carry the excitement of expectation, or have we taken His presence for granted and at times even ignored it.

I am excited about the arrival of my child, new life!

It’s not getting boring, in fact the closer it is the more my expectation and excitement grows.

Question- Are you expectant as you come to praise and worship God?

Are you lining up for more of Him, or slipping at the back towards the end, hoping He won’t notice you.

Being unprepared for a birth is super unhelpful and unwise.

Being expectant, ready and early is better.

I pray to God I won’t be late and un-expectant at the birth of my child, the arrival of life.

How much more should I be early and ready for the presence of the author of life- Jesus.

Next time you are late or avoiding church or God, maybe this story can help you.

May you dwell with Him, in His praises.


2 thoughts on “Expecting His Presence.

  1. Amen! We need to expect to be in His presence when we seek Him and expect Him to move in our circumstances even if it is not the way we wanted or in the time we wanted. He is trustworthy and we can expect Him to be active in our lives. May we have the eyes to see Him and the ears to hear Him. Blessings!

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