Often people ask me why I preach and speak, even when travel costs can be high, and days are often long.

I recently stumbled across this blog, of someone who was at a conference I spoke at.

I went to a conference at my church over the new year weekend. it was titled ‘let go, let God’ and the name alone spoke to me. doesn’t that fit with what’s going on in my life, friends? and truly, God was speaking directly to my heart that weekend! right off the bat, andrew scarborough, youth pastor at a pentacostal church in melbourne, australia, said when he walked in the church building he had this sudden, intense pain in his right arm, and he wondered if anyone was dealing with that kind of pain. three people raised their hands, and i was one of them! i had just been complaining to my sister about *all* the *pain* i’m struggling with, lately. so everybody prayed for the three of us. so cool! and then after the service i went over to pastor dave for individual prayer for my relationship with my mom. he said a great prayer, and then afterward said he had gotten this picture of *ice melting around my heart.* and when he said, ‘melt,’ i felt this *deep rightness.* like utter truth was being spoken to me. 

wow. God is so cool.
and then the *next* night, andrew had a word of knowledge for me. he said God was doing a powerful restorative work in me. he said God’s light shines from me. he said i was *beautiful.* i shook my head, and he repeated himself until i stopped shaking my head and just sat there, totally and utterly dumbstruck.
he had touched on a deep inner wound. my father never once told me i was pretty. when i asked my mom if i was pretty, she would said i looked cute. not that i *was* cute, (which is a totally stupid word, anyway. *cute.* what does that *mean?*) but that i *looked* cute. like, against all odds, that day my hair was feeling friendly and my clothes were snazzy. um, yeah. so, not pretty. very, very *un*-pretty, in fact. and when i reached puberty my father was sort of dumbstruck. like overnight i had become someone else. maybe i had. but why did he just cut me off cold? anyway. and *no-one* has ever told me i’m beautiful, since. so my assumption has been that i’m ugly. very, very ugly.
when andrew said i was beautiful, it felt as if *God* was saying that to me. my Abba~Father thinks i’m beautiful. wow. maybe nobody else does. but *God* does.
i felt a bit of the ice melt. melt me, Father~God!

This is why I preach. If only for this young lady, I’d travel anywhere.

Thank you God for the opportunity!

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