This morning I awoke and hugged my wife.

There is something different about hugging her at the moment… she is 4 months pregnant, so there is a bump starting to show!

As I hugged her I thought of our baby.

I started to pray.

I prayed that our baby would be safe.

I prayed that our baby would be wise, and wouldn’t make the same mistakes I made.

That if I have a son, he would be a great man, who loves God.

If I have a daughter, that she would be treated as a princess and know the true lover of her soul.

I pray for my baby everyday.

Not yet born, but being formed.

I pray because I believe.

I think I also pray because I know i can’t do as good a job fathering as my Heavenly Father could.

I can’t see my baby yet, but He can.

He is knitting our little one together in my wife’s womb.

I won’t be able to watch over my child all the time, but He can.

He knows the numbers of hairs on the child’s head, and has plans to prosper our kids future.

I dedicate our child to the one who is most dedicated to our little one.



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