Sleep promotes sleep.

I heard recently that when it comes to newborns, sleep promotes sleep. The more a baby sleeps, the more they want to sleep.

This got me thinking… and thinking got me blogging!

I believe this is the same in all areas of life.

Negativity promotes negativity.

Positivity promotes positivity.

Exercise promotes exercise.

Lust promotes lust.

Binge eating promotes binge eating.


Time with God promotes time with God.

One of the most common questions I get, as a Pastor, is how do you have a regular time with God?

The answer, is you spend time with God, and then you do it again, and again, and again.

Then, as you see the benefits in your life and as you come to enjoy your time with God, rather than endure it, you will find that time with God promotes time with God.

So start spending time with God, and then continue it.

Simple thought, but if it helps just one person do what is the most important thing they could ever do, spend time with their Creator, author and perfecter of their faith, the one who gives knowledge and wisdom to those who fear Him.. then I guess I have just spent 5 minutes of my time for eternity.

Beats 5 minutes on facebook, because we all know that facebook promotes facebook… don’t we?

Have a great day.


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