One word is all it took for Peter to walk on water with Jesus.

The storm was raging and the disciples were questioning, “is that a ghost or is that Jesus?!”

Peter, the rock on whom the church was to be built, ever willing to take a risk, says “Lord if it really is You, tell me to come to You, walking on water.” (Matthew 14:28).

“Yes, Come”

And with that He stepped out of the boat.

What was he thinking?!? People don’t walk on water…

But then again, what if this was JESUS?!? Well Peter knew all things were possible.

Right now I feel like Peter, all I have is a word.

“It’s Go Time”

With that i applied for the CFAN BootCamp in Orlando Florida and stepped out into a sea of impossibilities (read about that journey HERE)

“People don’t get permission to do these kinds of things. Governments won’t open borders. Families don’t travel during global pandemics. Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

The list of reasons not to go could go on and on.

All I have is a word.

But what if this is JESUS?

All I have is a word.

What if His word is enough? What if His voice is more than enough?

These past few days the seas have gotten rather intimidating. I’ve almost felt myself ready to slip and drown, but I keep looking to my JESUS.

And He has caught my hand!

– Our visas (Esta) was approved!!

– The Australian Government gave us a travel Exemption!!!

– Funds for my tuition, our flights and a down payment on our accomodation and my trip to Africa have all come in!!!

– My family is coming!!!

I feel crazy.

I feel like I’m a madman standing here in the middle of the ocean with Jesus.

All I had was a word?

All I had WAS A WORD!

And I will take His word over the doubt and fear any day!

What is the Lord asking you to step into today?

Here are three things I’m learning along the way.

1. Not everyone will understand you. Don’t worry. Some of the disciples thought JESUS was a ghost. Any educated man would have thought Peter was a fool. Listen to Jesus.

2. Do it afraid. This is the hardest thing I’ve done in my life and it hasn’t even happened yet! International travel during a pandemic feels more daunting than the day I had a witch doctor point a spear in my face. This decision to go has cost more than anyone could imagine, not just financially but relationally too. If I’m honest, I’m kind of scared! But I will do it afraid because my Jesus is with me!

3. Know you’re not alone. During every step of this journey, when I have felt alone, He has reminded me that I am not. From finance to friends texting and calling to emails with Bible verses and Psalms and songs. I know my God is with me. If it’s His voice, follow. Better to stand in the wild company of the Almighty than sit in the seat of the safe.

“It’s Go Time.”

– Andrew

PS- please follow our blog for more updates, and to give to this invitation from the Lord that Joyce and I are responding to, please click HERE.

One thought on “When all you have is a word.

  1. Hi Andrew
    After 2 years of whisperings to move back to my home state, the Lord finally said firmly and surely
    “Go, go now “
    At 71 years of age with stage 4 cancer and having not long been widowed, within 2 weeks I left my home, my children and grandchildren, my Church and my friends. I packed only what would fit in my car and with my little dog and drove to SA. I later returned to sell my house and pack up lock stock and barrel and bought a home in SA. It was so hard, so challenging and so impossible, but God was laying a path every step of the way.
    When He says GO, we don’t say why, we don’t say how, we don’t say I can’t, we just GO. Just know and believe Andrew HE WILL PROVIDE.
    God Bless you, Joyce and your beautiful children.

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