Two years ago, I had a dream.

In that dream, the late Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke said to me, “Andrew, why are you building your own database, when you can use mine?”

At the time, Joyce and I were establishing our own ministry, while all around us other ministries already existed and were thriving.

I knew straight away that God wanted me to lay down our ministry and join another. I also knew I had to get involved with Christ For All Nations (CFAN), the ministry that Reinhard Bonnke originally established, and prior to his death, handed on to Evangelist Daniel Kolenda.

Fast forward 2 years and my wife and I have just finished working with Youth for Christ (YFC) Australia, and the impact we have been able to see has been greater than anything we could have done on our own!

We are also now faced with a literal fulfilling of that dream too. CFAN have now offered to train me for the next 3 months, in mass evangelism, at their Head Quarters in Orlando, Florida, as part of their Evangelism BootCamp.

This training will then be followed up with a 3 week missions trip in West Africa where our team will preach to hundreds of thousands of people. The last BootCamp saw over 300,000 decisions for Jesus in just 3 weeks!

We believe that through this, there is a significant upgrade in effectiveness in evangelism for for us and for the nation of Australia and even further afield as well!

This all sounds so exciting, and it is, but here’s the catch… The School started on the 4th of August!

I believe I was the last BootCamper accepted!

Now why on earth would I take up this opportunity right now, in the middle of a global pandemic?

Firstly, because it is harvest time and we need to stay sharp, ready and engaged in the harvest. (Just this past weekend we saw a Muslim give his life to Jesus!). Throughout history, revival has followed shaking. Through COVID, we are in the greatest shaking this generation has ever seen, could we be on the cusp of the greatest revival this generation has ever seen!?

Secondly, because we are convinced that this will help us raise up an army of Evangelists to the nations too. We are asking the question, “How do we raise up more harvesters for the harvest field in Australia?”

We plan to do the BootCamp, but also study the BootCamp, so that we can run one here in Australia and beyond, and activate the church into greater levels of Evangelism.

Would you please stand with us in this exciting venture? It’s a huge leap of faith and we can’t take it without you.

We need your prayer and we need your financial partnership.

If Joyce and the kids are to come, we need to raise $40,000 in the next 2 weeks! Already, we have seen $16,000 come in in just one week, and our church leadership have said that they will throw themselves behind this venture too. Isn’t He incredible? This means we now have a goal of $24,000. Can you help us reach this goal?

We also need visas so that Joyce and the kids can join me, and permission from the Australian Government to travel. Will you please pray for us?

Please stand with us in prayer and finance in this crucial time for His Kingdom.

You can donate HERE.

We can’t wait to share this journey with you.

Andrew, Joyce, Sean, Abigail and Evan.

PS- Please check out this short video, it shows you what we will be doing as part of the BootCamp. It’s truly inspiring.

UPDATE 17/09/2021: We hit our fundraising goal to get to the bootcamp and we have had an incredible time so far!! But we still need your support for what’s to come! Your gift is so appreciated- CLICK HERE TO GIVE.

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