Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

A troubling thought comes along, an anxious moment knocks on your door, and you find yourself almost without thinking, reaching for your device?

For years now I have seen this pattern in my own life, in the lives of family and friends, and I’ve observed it all across society.

Technology is the new pain killer for the mind. Like paracetamol for a headache, Facebook take away the mental pain caused by a problem… at least for a while.

But much like many pain killing drugs, it only suppresses the symptoms, it does not deal with root issue. In fact, in my experience, it only seems to make things worse.

The emotions and thoughts that should be processed, wrestled with and bought before God for His perspective, His healing and His freedom, are instead suppressed, buried in the subconscious mind, and given time to fester, mutate and grow.

As a Youth Worker and Minister I often speak with people in the darkest times, they come to me for advice when things are tough, when the junk of life is bubbling to the surface.

Almost every time someone comes to me with spiritual or mental stress, it can be traced back to an offence, a trauma, a challenge, that wasn’t dealt with at the time it occurred.

I often say this, “If the reaction is greater than the offence, go back in time.” We all know road rage isn’t because someone cut you off, it’s because of whatever is going on at home / the workplace / in that person’s life, it just manifested on the road.

If you don’t take time to deal with your pain today, it will come back and bite you tomorrow.

So while binging on Netflix, scrolling through Facebook, or laughing at meme’s may appear to alleviate your stress for a moment, you are actually self-sabotaging your future.

Take a moment to cast your cares on God, because God cares for you. (Psalm 55:22).

Take a moment to journal.

Have a conversation with a friend, without your phone in hand, and process your pain.

Ask God, “Where is the devil trying to kill, steal and destroy from me right now? Where are You trying to bring life?”

Give it over to God.

Forgive, mourn, grieve, laugh, cry. Let yourself process what’s really happening and do the heart surgery that’s required.

You don’t want your future spouse, your kids, your future self to pay for your inaction today.

Make a choice. When tough times come, put technology away and build steadfastness into your life today.

In the Bible, James says that we should count it all joy when trials come. Why? Because it is an opportunity to grow in steadfastness and ultimately to become complete and lack nothing.

But trials are only a gift if we face them head and heart on.

What gift can you give yourself today? You can do it, with God you are stronger than you may realize.

Now stop reading this blog, put your phone on “flight mode” and soak up some screen free time.


PS- Don’t know Jesus and finding dealing with things hard on your own? Head to www.discoverhope.online to learn more about how much God loves you.

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