Wow! What an honour it was to host “The Overflow” in South Melbourne on Sunday night, and see hundreds encounter the Father’s love!

How are you friend?

We wanted to send you a quick report on Sunday night’s “Overflow” event, that we know many of you covered in prayer.

“The Overflow” was birthed out of Australia’s “40 Day Prayer Relay”, ran by Partners in Prayer and Evangelism. Thousands of individuals across Australia take part in the 40 Day Prayer Relay each year. This year, I (Andrew) was asked to spearhead the prayer relay, alongside our good friend Jordan Mullen, around the theme “Overflow the Father’s Love”, especially in the context of Australia the nation’s desperate need to know God the Father in this time. It seemed fitting to finish 40 Days Prayer Relay with an event that could facilitate a corporate encounter with the Father’s love, one that would impact people to the point of overflow.

But how does one set up an encounter with the God of the Universe?

We decided to come into the night asking God, “What do you want?” We had no other agenda and a very loose run-sheet. We did not advertise speakers or musicians, and yet people travelled from as far away as Canberra, Geelong and Ballarat!

Our desire, from the early stages of planning the night, was for God to have His way. From the moment the teams arrived at the church, it became very clear that God wanted to encounter us just as much as we wanted to encounter Him, we need not twist His arm, we simply needed to wait on Him.

Over the course of the night, as the photos below will show, there was deep ministry to the Lord, and to each other. There was time spent praying across generations and across races. Several people in ministry or with a call on their lives for ministry were prayed for. People flooded the altar to repent of any way in which they had looked elsewhere for their worth and identity other than at the feet of their heavenly Father. Many people received a hug and a blessing from several of the Spiritual Mothers and Fathers that came to minister on the night and the Spirit moved powerfully.

By the end of the night, many had clearly received breakthrough and those who attended were sent out in the authority of Jesus and since Sunday we have had a steady stream of testimonies coming our way. “I have had real breakthrough in my identity (as a child of God)”, said one lady. Another said, “I feel like I found myself again.” Many Pastors attended the night and there were several who had been facing very real challenges that were touched by God on the night. One Pastor walked in confused and frustrated, but walked out full of the joy of God.

A huge thank you to all those who gave financially and of their time in coming and serving. A big thank you to Bethany International Church, The Gideons, the Awakened Warrior Network, Australia for Jesus, Thrive Digital and all other ministries and ministers who participated in anyway on the night.

It was a night like few others that we have run. We literally worshipped and waited on God for 4 hours straight. At one point, I found myself saying, “Thank you for tarrying in the presence of the Lord.” I didn’t really know what I was saying as I used this unfamiliar word. Afterwards I looked the word up in the Cambridge Dictionary:

“Tarry to stay somewhere for longer than expected and delay leaving.

We did just that on Sunday, and the Lord moved so beautifully as a result.

I encourage you to do the same this week, spend some time (and then some more) simply tarrying at your Father’s feet. He longs to meet with you.

You may enjoy sitting at His feet as you listen to this song that Joyce lead in worship on the night.

With all our thanks,

Andrew, Joyce, Sean, Abigail, and a precious +1.

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