We’ve joined Youth For Christ… and more!
Hi friends!

How are you?

What a year 2019 is panning out to be for us.

We recently returned from Canberra where we saw God move powerfully as we ministered, seeing a lady in her 70’s receive miraculous healing for her spine (she literally grew taller in front of us!), several young people give their lives to Jesus and we led a time of prayer for our nation from Parliament House.

We wanted to give you a quick ministry update as we wanted to let you know that God has opened an amazing door for us.

This week, Andrew has started a new role with Youth For Christ Australia as the National Ministry Director. In short, this means that Andrew will oversea all of YFC’s Australian ministries, coaching the staff and leading them towards the vision of reaching young people in Australia with the gospel of Jesus.

Many of you know that we are only able to minister here in Australia, and around the world, seeing hundreds get saved and impacted for the gospel, because of your generosity. We do not draw a regular wage, but rather depend on God to prompt those around us to partner with us in ministry. We have found over the last year that we usually see 2-3 days a week’s wage come in through people like you. The other 2-3 days we have worked in cafes, labouring, and for other ministries that may need our help.

With this YFC role we are now FULLY funded and we get to continue to do what we feel called to do. It is a 2 day a week position, meaning 2 days a week we will invest into YFC, and the other 3 days a week we will continue to invest into evangelism and revival work across Australia thanks to the generosity of our supporters. PRAISE GOD! He is so good!

Thank you for those who have stood with us in this season, believing God would provide a way for us.

While our wage is now covered (THANK YOU GOD!!!!), we do not have any operational funds at this stage. We have several trips to preach the gospel planned this year, and we believe that we will need around $8,000 AUD to cover these trips. If you already give financially to this ministry, THANK YOU. If you do not yet, or would like to sow into the ministry as a once off, would please prayerfully consider making a one off donation into a fund that we are setting up for our operational costs such as travel and meetings. We see this fund as vital for our ministry moving forward. Andrew has started offering life coaching in the hope of bringing in extra income to help boost this fund and we are praying that God would bring in what we need as we literally have more invitations to preach the gospel, than finance at this stage, and our heart is to preach the gospel freely whenever and wherever we can. You can partner with us by donating at our website (www.thescarboroughs.com/donate) or by getting in contact with us today. (For our American supporters, we are especially seeking God for US Dollars at this time, as we will head to North America in September, just click USD on our donation page.)

We are so so so AMAZED at the goodness of God towards our family and we thank you for partnering with us in prayer and finance. What an amazing God we serve.Let’s keep jumping into the harvest field TOGETHER!

With all our thanks,

Andrew, Joyce, Sean, Abigail, and a precious +1 (due in 4 weeks!!!!)

PS: This letter replaces this weeks prayer letter. If you are committed to praying for us, this is our prayer request today. Please pray for God’s sovereign protection over our family and His wisdom in how we spend our time in this season. Please pray also for rest for Joyce before our baby comes, God willing, Easter week.

For more information on our ministry or to further partner with us in prayer or finances, please go to thescarboroughs.com / awakenthevalley.com

PPS- Are you coming to “The Overflow” in Melbourne on the 14th. We hope to see you there. Details HERE. Can’t make it? You can see all the places and spaces we are ministering by going to our websiteHERE.

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