In 1959, Evangelist Billy Graham came to Melbourne, Australia, and set the unbroken record for the largest crowd at Melbourne’s biggest outdoor stadium, the Melbourne Cricket Ground. His event attracted over 130,000 people!

Last night, I read one of my city’s most read newspapers, as they reported on Billy Graham’s passing, and this momentous event. I was struck by an undeniable reality.

The Newspaper: “The Herald Sun”.

The Undeniable Reality: that the environment surrounding Billy Graham’s record breaking event was this, a UNITED CHURCH for the sake of this event.

As I read this article on a united church and a record breaking crowd, I began to think “THAT IS WHAT WE NEED NOW, MORE THAN EVER!”

I believe that one of the key ingredients for revival, is unity, within each church and between each church (I wrote about this in my previous blog).

I believe the Australian church needs a uniting mission like Billy Graham’s crusade, like never before, for we need a true revival like never before.

That is why I believe in Stadium Evangelism like it’s 1959… and I believe in it NOW.

Large scale Evangelism was used by God to reach many then and it will be used by God to reach many again today.

Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda of CFaN, just held a large scale evangelistic “crusade” in Nigeria with 750,000 in attendance.

Ben Fitzgerald and the Awakening Europe team are regularly seeing over 20,000 gather and thousands saved in what many would now call “secular” countries such as Germany, the Czech Republic and Sweden.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of people now in heaven because Billy Graham dared to do then what we now know works today.

The amazing thing for you, if you’re an Australian Christian, is this, if you’re as convinced as I am that the church desperately needs unity and revival, you don’t have to go and plan your own large scale event tomorrow (although you could). You can join in on one that’s already set to happen.

Awakening Australia is coming to Melbourne, November 16 to 18 of this year (2018)!

This is a cross denominational large scale evangelistic event, that is more than an event, it is a movement that is championing discipleship, salvations, and revival. It is being said that this will be the biggest Australian “crusade” since Billy Graham’s 1959 event, with over 50,000 projected to attend.

I believe in this event, I believe in this movement, I believe in the Australian Church, and I believe that it is time for us to unite again.

Think about it…

When was the last time you saw over 50,000 people gather in one location in Australia for the sake of the gospel?

That’s right, 1959, when the church was united.

Church, it’s time to unite again, it’s time for another great awakening. Do it again Lord!

Australia for Jesus,


PS- Know someone who needs to know about Awakening Australia? I encourage you to share this blog or the details of Awakening Australia on your own blogs and social media platforms, as well as in person with your friends, churches, and local communities.






2 thoughts on “Why I believe in Stadium Evangelism like it’s 1959.

  1. Hi Andrew,

    I have heard concerning things about Todd White and his relationship with the Pope. The Pope is an Antichrist. When Trump moves the USA embassy to Jerusalem he will do so on Ramadan. As a result it has been conspired that the Pope will abolish the Roman Catholic Church by it being destroyed by outraged migrants and setup headquarters for the Super Church in Jerusalem.

    David Wilkerson has prophecied that the Super World Church will practice the occult, nude dancing and sex.

    I wouldn’t expect somebody to believe me but please consider it when Rome falls.

    1. Concerned friend, I appreciate your concern. While I don’t share your views, I do appreciate them and bless you in Jesus name. I see great things happening throughout the church, including the Catholic Church and with Todd White. Many are being saved at this time and my goal is to focus on unity. I will not compromise on the gospel, but I will focus on what unites, not divides us. Bless you friend

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