It’s 9:52 Wednesday January 10, 2018.

After a massive 3 weeks of Youth camps, I should be asleep

…but I can’t sleep.

I am wide awake and God is stirring me to write, and so write I will.

I feel the Lord is calling me to release a word over many across the nations.

I feel the Lord is saying, 2018 is to be the Year of Living Dangerously for many of God’s children. It is to be the Year of “All In.”

Some of God’s children have already made this jump. The jump from fence sitting, complacency and safety, to an “all in” lifestyle Christianity. To these children I feel God say, “Well done… AND there is MORE!”

Some of God’s children have only just dipped their toe into the river of obedience and sacrifice and joyous momentum and a harvest reaping life, and to you, I feel the Lord saying, “Jump in, come deeper, now is the day of your salvation! You have been living a saved life, but I have for you a life of purpose and power that goes beyond simply meeting me. You get to walk and work with Me, you get to partner in this great awakening that I am unleashing across the globe RIGHT NOW! I am the hand and you are the glove, and if you would only live life from inside of Me, I would show you all you can do and be for My glory.”

I see people selling property this year for the cause of God’s kingdom. I see businessmen devoting the first fruits of their business for the advancement of the gospel. I see whole families giving above and beyond to gospel proclamation and praying for the lost and for their salvation.

I see women dropping out of gossip circles so that they can spend time hearing God’s voice and what God thinks of this situation. I see men taking on prayer and fasting and a warrior posture. I see men covered in war paint. I see women armed with beauty and strength, preparing for a battle with sweat and determination on their faces. I see resolve on their faces, as an athlete looks down the track at the olympics, I see them looking down the barrel of God’s grace. They are ready to dispense His mercy.

I see 2018 as a year of unity, but it will not come without a great and mighty battle. There will be demons that must be slaughtered, expelled and exposed, separated from the church. There will be Priests and Pastors, Lay Leaders and Spouses that must repent from the damage they have done to the bride. There will be a great outpouring of grief for the state of the church, but there will also be a mighty dance party of victory. I see a victory cry ringing over cities, over families and over nations as the church comes together, in some places, for the very first time in a long long time.

I see parades, and marches, and clashes on the streets, but the church meets these with total love. Wherever dishevel happens across the globe at this time, I see God’s hand, I see His smiling face, as He sees His children respond with mercy. I see Christians handing out water bottles to their enemies. I see the world in awe of the love of the body of Christ.

That is all I feel to write for now. God is on the move friends.


One thought on “2018- The Year of Living Dangerously / “All In.”

  1. I see God on the move too. I see the healing power of forgiveness spread across the earth. I see the strength of outward looking service that reflects the heart of Jesus making inroads into dark places . God bless you and your family Andrew . Keep proclaiming truth.

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