The Bible tells a story in the gospels, of angels appearing to shepherds and telling them about Jesus’ birth.

But were the angels real, or had the shepherds a little over tired and delirious after a long day herding sheep?

I believe the angels were real. Really there, really big, and I dare suggest, really cool!

I believe this, not just because of the fact that angels are mentioned more than 250 times in the Bible, but because of personal experience too.

In my latest book, From Hater to Healer- I share the following story:

“There were about 70 of us gathered in a century old Methodist chapel turned café / community center in the outer suburbs of Lilydale. It was a warm Spring night, and my wife and I were excited to minister with our old Young Adults community, that we’d previously Pastored for nearly four years. I was sharing the Word and my friend Jonathan was leading worship. After delivering a simple message, I felt led to lead the room in a song, and so I borrowed the guitar from Jonathan, and started to play.

 “Over the hills, over the hills, let us hear Your voice, over the hills.” I sang a song our friend Heidi had written years prior. I then felt the Lord say gently, “Keep playing, but don’t sing.”

So, I did.

I strummed the guitar, playing the chords of the song over the room.

As I strummed the guitar, a second instrument started to play, it sounded like the keys of a piano, and the notes were in perfect harmony with my chords. I looked over at the piano that sat to the side of the room, no one was playing it. I looked over at the rest of the band that had been playing with Jonathan, not a soul was touching their instruments. I looked down at my guitar, wondering if somehow it was making these melodic sounds.

I kept strumming, in awe of what I was hearing. As I played on, the room begun to come alive with the sound of whispers. Eyes that were previously closed were now open. People who had been sitting reflecting were now nudging those around them.

“Can you hear that?” I could see one asking.

“What is it?” the other was responding.

I continued to play, my mind racing.

We worshipped God until after midnight that night, with a unique sense of wonder and deep awe.

When I finally put the guitar down, I dared to ask the question that everyone was asking.

“Did you hear that?”

“Yes.” My friend Graham, who is a professionally schooled musician answered. “They were the most perfect harmonies I have ever heard!”

“I think we just worshipped with angels.”

Angels are real. They aren’t relegated to mere story, they aren’t simple fantasy. They are alive and active today and are a part of real history, His Story!

As you sing, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” this Christmas, spare a thought for the angels singing over you too!


PS- This blog is part of a series on the Supernatural to celebrate the release of my new book- From Hater to Healer. Get it HERE or on Amazon Kindle.

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