Facebook Live…



If you know me, you see me.


I’ll tell you why.

3 years ago I talked with a 13 year old kid about where he goes to for theological answers… his answer, Youtube. The user he likes to search for answers was named something like “darkangel218” and the ‘theology’ this kid was coming to me with was all out of whack.

Research shows that the average person spends nearly 2 hours a day on social media… so I don’t believe this 13 year old is alone. In fact these days so many people turn to the internet for their theology, for their big questions on God, not to a church building, not a Gideon’s Bible…

From that conversation until now, this thought has come to me, “We need to flood the internet with the true gospel, in a way that is accessible to the masses.”

…and so… 3 years on, I’m stepping it up!

Why now?

For a few months I’ve felt like the Lord has been saying, “It’s time to go public”, but I’ve resisted. I don’t want to get distracted from what God has me doing in the “real world” to reach out to the online world.

Facebook Live changed all that for me.

It’s easier than ever to shoot content and upload it without spending hours “marketing” and editing, in fact I don’t even have to upload content… I can stream it live. Youtube has become much easier to use too, and Instagram keeps stepping it up.

That + I’ve had an identity overhaul lately. This, really, has been the key to me feeling ready to start streaming more and more.

I used to be obsessed with how many views, how many likes, how many friends, for your approval of me seemed to matter a lot. Now I really don’t care too much for others approval (i mean this in the nicest way I can! haha), what I care about is what He thinks of me. I now just want to get the truth out there and if it just reaches one, praise God!

So… you might be seeing more of me this year. I hope to inspire you, make you laugh, and make you think about how you too can flood this world with the love of Jesus.

Follow me on Instagram at:

@spinningroundtheworld (my fun creative project that I hope will lead people to become more curious about who I am and who Jesus is!)

@andrewscarborough (my primary account)

on Youtube: HERE:

Facebook: let’s get it started!

Bless you all!

Talk soon,



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