Hi Kids,

Dad here, after what has been a fairly long and somewhat frustrating day.

Work is busy, I’m tired and in need of a vacation, and tonight- the house is a mess.

So… I took some of my own advice that I gave your Mum the other day, and I said- “stuff it, I’m going to leave the dishes and just do what I need to do”… and what I needed to do tonight was worship.

Honestly, it’s what I need to do a whole lot more than I do. It’s what I actually can’t get enough of!

You can worship in so many ways, but one of those is through music- which I absolutely love.

I’ve defined worship as many things, one of which is this- “Reminding myself that God is God and I am not.”

I’m reminded tonight how much I need to lift God up and let myself be carried by Him. More than that, I need to lift God up because He deserves it, even when I don’t feel like it.

Kids I can’t encourage you enough to worship.

My old Pastor used to say, “One encounter with God can change your life forever”, and it’s true.

  • When times get rough- Worship
  • When you feel all alone- Worship
  • When things are going well- Worship
  • When you have no money- Worship
  • When you’re rich- Worship
  • When you have a break up- Worship
  • When you get married- Worship
  • When you mourn at a funeral- Worship
  • When babies are born- Worship
  • When it all feels too much- Worship

Your Mum always says, “you can be as close to God as you want to be”. Worship.

I know by the time you read this, the styles of music will have changed so much- but just so you have them… here are a few Youtube links (God only knows if Youtube will even be around when you are older!) to a few of my favorite worship songs of all times.

Revelation Song.

As the Deer.

Eagles Wings.

Set a Fire.

Tip of my Toes.

Touch the Sky.

There are so many more, that I could have listed, but there is just a few.

I pray you would even write your own songs one day! I’m sure God loves hearing us sing to Him, especially songs that come from our own hearts.

I love you so much, if I didn’t I wouldn’t tell you these things. I know this is such simple wisdom, to tell you to worship, but it is so so needed. When we stop worshipping God we stop living life to it’s fullest potential.

Kids, we all worship something, the question is what are you worshipping?

My prayer, for God’s sake and yours is that you would worship Jesus.


About the series:

I’m 29 right now, but soon I’ll be 30. 30 sounds so young to some, but to me right now, it’s feels old! It’s a real milestone.

It’s sounds funny to say this but the closer I get to 30 the more I think about what legacy I’ll leave my kids.

To be completely honest, the closer I get to 30, the more I realize I won’t always be here for them, one day I’ll go to heaven and get to be with Jesus face to face, and they’ll have to walk this earth with God in their hearts, the Holy Spirit as their comforter and guide, and Jesus as their example and intercessor, but they won’t have me here. So, for the times they might wonder, what would Dad have to say about this… I’m writing them a blog a day for 30 days. They might not need it now, but if they ever do, I hope it speaks to them.

2 thoughts on “Wisdom for my Children- Day 6- Worship

  1. Andrew, your posts are officially part of our morning coffee routine. This morning, I read Enemies & Friends to Tarkan and Armand (Alexander was at school). You inspire terrific table conversation! Imagine, actual conversation. No tablets or technology or TV in the background. Just a family talking about real life and how we can choose to be (led to be) the light in it. Or not. Thank you!

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