Ever feel like praying doesn’t make a difference to your world?!

Ever feel like God is running out of time to answer you, or you are running out of time to hear from Him?!

Sometimes I feel exactly like that… but just when I think my prayers aren’t having an effect, God answers my prayers in such radical ways and reminds me that prayer is powerful, and that He is never late!

I just had to share a few stories with you that we’ve experienced lately to encourage you that there is power in prayer!

Thanks for praying.


We are sitting in our bed on a Saturday night praying.

“Dear God, we need a passport for our newborn. We don’t have the money, but we know you do. We aren’t asking for money for groceries, we aren’t asking for money for gas, we are just asking for money for our passport appointment on Monday. Please provide. Amen.”

Sunday morning we walk into church and a lady comes up to us. “I know you have a passport appointment tomorrow… quick question… how much is it for Abigail’s passport?” She hands us a check for the exact amount needed for the appointment that very next day!

God is always on time. Never early, never late.


Joyce said it plain and simple. I want a natural birth. We prayed, for days and days and days.

Then the time came… we were having a baby! The only problem was, with each contraction the baby’s heart rate was dipping.

“If this doesn’t stop, we will have to do a C section” stated the Doctor.

I started to walk out of the room to collect my thoughts, when all of a sudden a righteous anger came over me. NO! We are having a natural birth! I marched back into the birthing suite and prayed that the heart rate would go back to normal.

It did.

We had that baby naturally and the nurse was perplexed at how the heart rate could go back to normal so suddenly. We weren’t! Prayer changes things!


Our friends had their wedding anniversary yesterday. They’d booked a getaway, but had no money to drive to their vacation location. We prayed. They received notice of their tax return arriving earlier than anticipated… as they packed their bags.

Never early, never late… always on time.

There is power in prayer in Jesus name!

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