My Mum just had a birthday, my wife just gave birth, my daughter just arrived.

So i wrote some poems…

Here’s to The Girls.

Here’s to the girls in my life
My Mum, my daughter, my wife.

Here’s to a lady, that I love
A woman with strength, on a mission from above
Mum you inspire me so very much
The way you love others with every single touch
I recently read this advice to a child, about their mother
“Be nice to your Mum, you’ll never get another”.
It’s true what they say, you only get one
I’d like to say, “I’m glad I got you, Mum.”
When I think of the way you’ve sacrificed for my siblings and I
When I really stop to think of it, I nearly start to cry
Months and months inside of your womb
Years and years of cleaning my room
Working night shifts so I had plenty to eat
You’d work double time just to afford some nice meat
You were always there, even when I went astray,
I’m thankful you knew to take time to pray
So here’s to you Mum,
What else can I say?
You’re my hero, and I love you, every day.

Two days old, so tiny, so small
I hardly know you, yet I would give you my all
I’d die for you a thousand deaths
I’ll love you with every one of my breaths
I can’t explain what you mean to me
My Abi, my gift, you’re such a sweetie
When I held you in my arms, right after you arrived
I looked at you, then your Mum, and I sat and I cried
You’re here, we’ve been waiting so long for this day
You’re a miracle, you’re perfect, in every way
No matter what you do, whether you’re good or you’re bad
No matter what your mood; angry, playful or sad
I want you to know how I feel, what you’ve done
You’ve stolen my heart, you’re my little one
I will love you forever, from now til I’m old
You’re my Abi, my princess, the joy that I hold
I’m not going to lie, I fear I don’t have what it takes
As a Dad, I won’t be perfect, I’ll make some mistakes
But my God is the best Dad you could ever ask for
And I’ll be looking to Him to help lead our family of four
When I am weak, I know He is strong
I’ll point you to Him always, in Him you can’t go wrong
My Abi, my dear, we are going to have so much fun
This life is an adventure when we live for the Son
I’ll play with you, pray with you, fight for you any day
“I love you, You’re beautiful”, I will always say
In all the unknown of life, know this as you grow
I love you my Abi, more than you will ever know.

Stop the car, hold the plane, don’t let the bus leave the station
I have an important announcement, listen to this conversation
“I can’t go on, not one more, I’m finished,” she said
My wife was having contractions in a hospital bed
“You can do it, I know it, I believe in you my dear wife”
I said as I trembled it was going to be a long night
It’s already 11pm, it’s been going on for days
My wife and her contractions, coming in waves
“I think I need to go and get something to eat”
I wasn’t the one about to have a baby, but I was asleep on my feet
“They’re coming, the nurses, the doctors, their walking down the hall.
Keep pushing my princess, give it your all!”
“I’m trying, I’m tired, but I will persevere”
“You’re amazing” I whispered, into her ear
Here she comes, the girl that we’ve been waiting to meet
Our little baby, first her head, now I can see her feet
I look at my wife and she smiles, oh so wide
“I did it, even though I’m tiny” she said with such pride
She did it, I was amazed, so proud that she’d even tried
By God’s grace, here was my daughter, eyes open wide!
With no food in her tummy, told she couldn’t even have a drink
My wife did it, with more strength and dignity than I have, I think
So here’s to my wife, I’m in awe of that lady
I love you more and more for seeing you birth our baby
What a wife to me, what a friend to us all
Joyce, my wife, in my eyes you’ll always be tall!

5 thoughts on “Here’s to The Girls.

  1. Great poems Andrew so well written and a true reflection of such talent well done. I am very thankful to God for giving you and Joyce Abi to join Sean. You are together a beautiful family.
    Thanks for your faithfulness God!!!!

  2. Congratulations to you Andrew!!!! these poems are fantastic and even though I don’t know you Joyce I am a Midwife and I can only assume you just had a VBAC?? well done

  3. Beautiful reflections Andrew..
    Woohoo go Joyce!!! Sounds like you rode those waves right in 🙂 blessings on you family xx miss you all

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