Installment Number Two of God’s Stories is long overdue…but after what just happened to me, I couldn’t help but get back on the blogging horse and bring you this amazing story!I just saved $55 at the mechanic!That might not seem like a big deal to you…But for us at the moment, $55 actually is a really big deal, which makes this story pretty cool!

So, here goes God Story No. 2.

It was a warm sunny day here in California… (what’s new!?), and as our car was well overdue for a service, I decided to run it down to the mechanic.

Here in LA, (I’ve not seen it in Melbourne before) they have a “drop and wait” system at many mechanics, when it comes to an oil and filter change. You simply drop your car off with no appointment, wait an hour, and then drive away. (Like a walk in salon!)

So, I dropped the car off, walked to a nearby cafe to do some work on this website (if you’re a regular, see if you can spot some subtle differences… hint, I updated our dates and made some small changes to; Home Page, Partner With Us, Speaking)… and then I got the phone call.

Have you ever had a day when everything is going great before a phone call rudely changes everything? It was one of those phone calls.

“So, while we were servicing your car, we noticed your tires are bald and wearing and that your shock absorbers are leaking and… BLA BLA BLA (at this point I could hear nothing else but $$$$$).”

I hung up the phone. I checked our bank balances. I called my wife. I hung up. I freaked out.

Deep breath. God is faithful. Panic attack. Deep breath. God has always provided. Check for jobs on campus at Fuller. Call my Immigration Lawyer… “Are you sure we can’t change our visa so I can work AND study!?”. “No”. Wipe sweat from brow. Deep breath. God is on the throne.

Then I drove home, loaded my itunes with “You Make Me Brave” by Bethel… and jogged on down to the mechanic.

As I jogged, I prayed. Another Bethel song played, “In a crowd of ten thousand, You don’t miss a thing”.

“God please give us a discount on this bill”, I prayed.

It was a simple but direct prayer, I was asking for a discount. A short simple prayer on a short jog to the mechanic.

I get it, cars need maintenance and that costs money. AND I also know God cares and God provides.

I walked into the mechanic. There was a hairy bearded man ahead of me. I waited…and as I waited, sweating some more, glancing at my phone out of habit and nervousness, I overheard the voice of this God sent hairy American…

“I’ve got a coupon for that.”

A coupon!? Why… I’d never heard of coupons for a mechanic!?

I pulled out my phone again… hello Google.

I typed… “Pep Boys Coupons”.

I found a coupon, 10% off all services and repairs! DOWNLOAD.

I scrolled down and saw another. 10% off oil change! DOWNLOAD.

Another… “50% off labor for shock replacement!” DOWNLOAD

Yet another… “30% off wheel alignment!” DOWNLOAD.

Today they changed my oil, did a wheel alignment after changing tires, and replaced my shocks! (It was shocking that all these coupons could be applied!).

I tell the lady at the desk that I have coupons… well I will once they download! She waits patiently, then she applies the discounts and gives me the grand total…I do the math, I’ve saved $55 off my bill!

I call my wife. I smile. I drive home… and I remember. God provides. God answers prayers. God cares about what some may call a little thing, and others may call a big thing. God is faithful.


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