This Mothers Day, I’m choosing to celebrate by appreciating one of the greatest heroes in my life, my Mum.

She’s not just a hero in my life, but in thousands of other lives that my Mum has inspired across the globe.

Here are a few things I appreciate about her.

I appreciate that she always taught me to care for others as Christ cares for us. From the age of seven, I watched her compassion for a semi-naked homeless lady wandering the streets of Java. She sought her out, and bought her clothes.

I appreciate that she made sure I got the greatest education I could have, whilst also teaching me the value of hard work. In year 7 I had few friends and was struggling socially and academically. She sent me to private school and worked late night nursing shifts to see me through. I will never forget that.

I appreciate how she taught me the value of grace and truth. At 15 I was an angry punk kid. She always told me the truth, of how much I was hurting myself and others, but she always loved me through my rebellion. I’m thankful for her honesty and love, but also for how she’d disciplined me too.

I appreciate her hugs. Mum’s hugs are the best.

I appreciate her selflessness. She always gives to others, even giving away her own birthday presents to her sick and dying patients.

I appreciate that she points me to Jesus. She isn’t perfect, but she looks to the perfect one, and that’s what matters.

I appreciate you Mum.

mother, mum, mom, mothers day

So, here is my gift to you- an appreciate poem.

Roses are red, just like my head.
When I was born you were flat on a bed.
Out I came like a ball of fire.
I was vocal at once, a real live wire.
And I haven’t stopped talking since then.
But I guess a chick is often like the mother hen.
I talk and you listen, you talk and I do too.
We both know how to talk, it’s just what we do.
You give great advice and I love when we chat.
I remember many talks we’ve had about this and that.
Now it’s my turn, to get in a word.
I’d like to say something, in case you hadn’t heard.
So here it is, it’s what I’d like to say.
“I appreciate you Mum, every single day.”

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