It’s Christmas time… and you know what that means? It means it’s time to forget about humanity.

It’s time to kick in your survival instincts, and start to look out for number one.

Get your elbows ready to push another human being out of line in the shops.

Get your reflexes tuned so that you can honk your horn when you are trying to find a car park and a lady with her screaming baby cut in front.

Give your eyebrows a pluck and a shape so that you can frown and look as intimidating as possible when you and a grandmother are squaring off after the last Barbie princess set on the sale shelf.

Hone your blow off line too, because you know “that Aunty” is going to call to see if she can come over, and she never gives good presents, so you don’t want her presence!

While you are at it…stop giving to your church or local charity, because this month you can’t afford it!

After all, it’s Christmas time.

Have you found that at this time of the year so many people are at their worst…

I’ve met people that say, “I hate Christmas, everyone turns into savages.”

I can’t help but wonder why this happens?

Could it be that we have taken our eyes off what Christmas is all about, and in turn have lost the plot?

Christmas, just maybe, just maybe, is about a baby who grew into a man.

Christmas, CHRIST-MAS.

A time to celebrate Christ and all He is and has done for us.

This Christmas, can i suggest you focus on Christ, get to know Him, who he was and is, and what He stands for.

You might find that instead of hating your neighbour, you love them.

Instead of fighting, you make peace.

Instead of being selfish, you become selfless.

Now that would be a better Christmas!


The Scarboroughs, Andrew Scarborough, Christmas

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