I cannot explain the emotion
Churned up and mighty, just like the ocean
To sit and to wait as my best friend heads off to theatre
Anaesthetists and midwives say, “It won’t be long til you see her”
Then out comes a man, “it’s time, nearly ready”
I’m whisked into the room, feeling queasy, not too steady
The nurse tells me, “sit, your son is on his way”
My wife looks at me, her eyes start to say
“I’m scared, but I’m happy, ill be resolute til the end,
In just a few moments, we both gain a friend.”
I look at her face, she’s clearly in pain
As she reaches for my hand I remind her of the gain
“A child is coming, he is soon to appear”
Then the doctor lifts our baby, “look he is here.”
A flood of emotion, tears well up inside
As I tell my wife “she’s my hero, my pride”
Then off to the table, it’s time to cut the chord
Then Joyce to recovery, and me to the ward
I sit and I look into his beautiful eyes
I can’t help but smile as I hear his cries
I’d give my whole life for this little man
I walk and I pray, I know God has a plan
This gift from above, Sean, full of grace
Is here to change this world, every last face
My love for my wife is greater than ever
I’m in awe of my God, He is way too clever
My son is so tiny, and yet so full of life
Thank you my God, thank you my wife


One thought on “Sean- a poem

  1. Congrats to you both! You two are so blessed, you will be amazing parents, with God as your leader you are already giving Sean the best possible start to life! I’m so happy for you both!!!

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