I am learning so much at the moment about being “uncomfortable”.

I find myself, almost daily, talking to strangers I do not know, or people I hardly know, about the things of God, including the church and eternity. Just today I discussed with a Muslim man, who the leader of the world is, you may belle asked to hear we both agreed the leader of the world is God, even if our definitions differ.

God is constantly asking me to step out of my comfort zone, and take a risk for Him.

Another recent example has been my role change at church.

I am coming up to a month since i went part time at Discovery Church in order that I might; firstly, make way for a new staff member to join our team (what a great decision that was!!), and secondly, take a step of faith and be more involved in the wider body of Christ through travelling to other churches to do ministry.

This transition hasn’t been easy, and although it was my decision, it has been a step of faith.

Joyce and I have found ourselves shorter on finances just when we will need these more than ever with the arrival of our baby, and we have found ourselves in a “live by faith” situation when it comes to how we spend our time and where we go (We are now sent to serve at a different church for one Sunday a month- what an honour to not just impact Mt. Evelyn, but the churches and nations of the world!). It’s an honour, but it’s also a scary place to be in. People think ‘itinerant’ means big churches with big money- we never charge a set amount and we rarely get invited to really big churches- So there goes that thought!

However, in my experience I have seldom found that valuable things and those things that grow and stretch us come easily or without risk.

We are both learning so much about God and ourselves in this experience.

Do we trust Him enough to see Him open the relevant doors and provide the money needed? Do we trust Him enough to step into uncertainty? Do we have the courage and confidence to say no to some invitations and yes to others, based on what God wants, not what we want or even think we need? Are we prepared to ‘fail’ in our ventures of faith, to loose money or time on trips where we may see little or no fruit (but He may).

If we let our fears get in our way we may never get the privilege of seeing God step in, provide and guide. Miracles ahead of us may never be realised. Ground that could be taken may stay enemy occupied. People needing breakthrough may not get it (at least through us). Those are scarier thoughts than the thought of living by faith!

An elderly gentleman who has achieved many great things in his life recently said this to me, on reflections of his life, “I wish I’d dreamed bigger, and I wish I had taken more risks.”

I personally don’t want to ever say those words, I want to step out of my comfort into the miracles God has. I want to leave my tiny vision and take on His huge vision! I want to dream big and risk anything and everything He asks me to.

Imagine if Peter in the Bible had stayed in the boat instead of getting out to walk on water? He would have…. NEVER…. walked on water. That may not sound too huge, but imagine if you NEVER did the thing God has put on your heart and is calling you to do because of fear?

I believe that if we keep our eyes on Jesus and obey His voice, we can step out of our comfort zone into the unknown and we can walk on water. Why don’t you complete the following sentence with the thing God has put on your heart.

Regardless of my fear, with my eyes firmly fixed on Jesus, I can ____________. I can step out of my comfort zone into the unknown because Jesus is with me.

There’s an uncomfortable thought for you… But it just may be the best thing you’ve ever done! Go on, step out, with Christ you can do it!

For a sermon I recently preached on called, “Getting Uncomfortable” click below- (or copy and paste into your browser).


Talk soon,



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