Two months ago I received a Facebook message from an old school friend who I haven’t seen for 16 year.

It went something along the lines of this…

“Andrew, I believe you should come to Perth and speak to the people at our foundation. you could speak at our chapel service, what do you think?l”

What a step of faith for this great friend, Kristina.

Having not seen me for many years she felt led to ask us to come, with no clear dates, no set budget, no real agenda- she just felt led… and ask she did! After praying about it, we felt led to say, “yes”.

I write this post from Perth airport on our way home from a weekend of ministry, with Kristina and the Esther foundation.

If I were to sum up my experience this weekend it would be this, “where God guides, He provides, so step out in faith!”

From the moment we arrived we were greeted by Kristina, and then driven to one of the Esther House’s and introduced to the team.

Kristina is so like me and we got along like a house on fire (whatever that means!), and her Joyce and I had a great time at the house and then visiting Globalheart church and having dinner afterwards with their Pastors.

It was learn, learn, learn on Friday as we experienced two very different styles of ministry in just one night.

We went from a lounge room of 40 women sharing their broken backgrounds, from abuse to family breakdown, to a packed church full of families celebrating Jesus. Neither necessarily better or worse, just different. Although one thing was clearly shared by both places, the hope we have in Jesus!

(Joyce and I are so blessed to visit many different ministries and learn from them and then take what we learn back to our home church and our own lives and in turn, to churches around the world.)

Then it was a day of rest at our resort (so needed, so refreshing!)then breakfast with the Esther team a tour of their new facility (a multimillion dollar property that was almost entirely donated- talk about God guiding and providing!) then the chapel afterwards.

What a great night, an hour of testimonies and praise and worship. The Esther Foundation works with women from all sorts of broken backgrounds, and to hear them pour their hearts out to God in praise and worship and to see one after the other testify of Gods goodness, despite many of them having been through what could be described as hell on earth, was inspiring. God had turned tragedies into testimonies!

I preached, people received Jesus, and more than half the room responded to a call for prayer. Joyce prayed for many, I love her as my team mate!

It was powerful, but one of the greatest impacts on me was this, that every “word of knowledge” I gave was confirmed. God was demonstrating to me that when I step out in faith, where He guides, He provides.

One man was sceptical of “words of knowledge” but said to me afterwards that he had never had such an accurate word ever. Wow- praise God.

Prior to this trip I’d felt a real attack on my ability to hear from God and operate in the prophetic. But He showed me on this trip, I’m right on track. Thanks God ( :

If we hadn’t stepped out in faith, we wouldn’t have learn what we’d learnt. 4 people may not have given their hearts to The Lord and a sceptic of prophesy may still be a sceptic.

Thank you God for Kristina, and for her step of faith to invite us too.

In the words of my friend and mentor Carl, “God is responsible for the outcomes of our obedience.”


Check out the Esther Foundation at estherfoundation.org.au

Also, spend some time in prayer today and ask God what your next step of faith and obedience is… Then take it!

2 thoughts on “Perth- stepping out in faith

  1. We at The Esther Foundation were so blessed to have you. And hope in the future you will both come again.

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