Why thescarboroughs.com?

Online presence

For over over 5 years now I have had a website of some description.

First, it was bigredspeaking.com, now the scarboroughs.com…

But why?

The original thought for a website started in 2007 on a walk around Lilydale Lake on the outskirts of Melbourne, during a 40 day fast.

I was praying about my calling, what God wanted from me, and I was asking questions about why I so love ministry and preaching, and I was asking of God, what did He want me to do about it?

The thought popped into my head, Big Red Speaking. A company/ministry that speaks in schools and makes money from doing so, so that I can do ministry in churches for free.

Therein birthed Big Red Speaking and bigredspeaking.com

After 5 year of having the site, and a transition from working as a youth worker, to working as a Disability trainer, and now as a Pastor, the site changed a lot.

The focus switched form schools, to churches, a business to a ministry.

I soon realized that God always paid the bill when he called me to speak, so a business was not necessary in order to travel and speak.

It then became apparent that wherever I was going people were confused as to who I was, and what/who I was representing.

Churches introduced me as the Young Adults Pastor from Discovery Church, while schools mixed the two up- and individuals didn’t know how best to contact me.

Another thought came to me, that the name Big Red Speaking, sounds like a business, and I didn’t want to be putting people off who didn’t have money but wanted some ministry.

I also love my church, and didn’t want to be running a ‘para church ministry’  seen as separate to them.

Who I am is attributed greatly to who our church is.

This led to the change from bigredspeaking.com to thescarboroughs.com.

It simplifies things for us- it lets us be who we are, a couple who love their home church, and also have a heart for the broader church as well.

thescarboroughs.com is simply an online home for Joyce and I. It is how people can contact us, find out a little more about us, and where we can blog, share videos, stories and photos. Joyce and I have close family and friends across many different countries and this site will also help them know what is happening in our world.

The other benefit of having thescarboroughs.com is that it keeps Joyce and I together. We don’t enjoy being apart, and Joyce has so much to offer churches when we travel for ministry. This way what was once just “Big Red” is now the whole “Red Indian” family!

Joyce and I just love reaching out to the wider church, and those who don’t yet attend church or have a relationship with God.

Our prayer is that this site makes it easier for people to access us and ultimately, access the great things that God has for all of us.


– Andrew

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