What’s with the “Gold Dust?”

One of the first things people ask me, when they hear I'm a fan of the supernatural operating in and through a Christian's life, is this, "What's with the "gold dust"?" (If you're not familiar with "gold dust", or you're just interested in seeing some- you can watch this video here, where I show some … Continue reading What’s with the “Gold Dust?”

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God Stories; No. 1: Riches from a Beggar.

Introduction to the Series. I've recently been encouraged, that when I feel discouraged, I should remember. Remember what, you might say? Remember God's faithfulness throughout my life. Remember the times He stepped in and saved the day. Remember that I am not alone. I have never been alone. And so... let me introduce you to … Continue reading God Stories; No. 1: Riches from a Beggar.