It’s a Saturday evening and I’m driving home from what was truly one of the most incredible days.

Was I hard at work in ministry, which I truly love? No.

In fact, quite the opposite.

I took a day off with our team to see the wildlife of Kenya.

One such animal, the King of the Jungle, the Lion, completely impacted me as I got up close to this beast in the wild for the first time.

As I stared at this wild Lion, I observed several profound realities about this animal in comparison to the many captive Lions I’ve seen over the years. I began to draw many paralleled between a believers life who has truly counted the cost and has given their whole life to Christ, and someone who has taken on a form of faith but has not yet truly stepped into their calling and who they are created to be.

The first thing I noticed was how beat up and lean this Lion was. The lions Id seen in zoos were often fairly plump and had hardly a scratch on them.

I asked our guide about this and he told me, that a male Lion in the wild must constantly fight to stay alive. There are always other lions seeking to take him out.

“Those marks on his face, they tell us he is brave. He is courageous, He is a fighter!“ My guide went on, “A Lion in captivity can live up to 30 years, but here in the wild they will live only 12.”

The next thing I observed was just how content this Lion was. He may have had to fight to survive but it was as if nothing in the world could truly bother him.

Finally I reflected on his absolute dominance and beauty. While today I saw many other animals, he was by far my favourite because he was the King.

So why do these observations warrant a blog? What is it about this Lion that we can learn from?

1. A wild life is a fighters life. If you and I want to live life wild and free, fully present in the domain designed for us, we must be ready to fight. We must fight the devil who wants to take us out. We must resist him again and again; and we must stand firm to our calling even if we get a few scars along the way.

2. We can stay safe and be garunteed to live a long and comfortable life, but only if we settle for captivity. After seeing this beast in the wild I now have a new appreciation for what a Lion in captivity is missing out on. So it is with us if we call ourselves Christians. We are designed for a mission, we were created to advance His Kingdom, and it may cost us everything, but my friends, we will be free.

3. We were born to reign with Christ. The lion doesn’t question who he is. He knows he is at the top. So too are we. Not at the top as a Lording ruler or a dictator, but at the top in that we are His sons and His daughters! It’s time to act like who we are created to be.

I hope these observations serve you today as you may ask this question, how do I best be who I am created to be?


2 thoughts on “Lessons From a Wild Lion

  1. We’ll said Andrew, great observation.
    Keep up the good work. Praying God’s blessings upon you and Joyce.

  2. Totally identify with your thoughts and observations Andrew. In the bird life I I have always seen the big black eagle as a symbol of power and freedom. This has come up many times in my spiritual life. In the last year I have endured severe satanic attacks even some physically attacking and damaging my home and contents. A couple of Pastors from my Church came to pray over my home and myself for protection and commented that in some way Satan must be viewing me as a serious threat. They suggested that God must have plans for me to do His work. In my compromised health situation I wondered what sort of threat could I be to Satan. I was leading 2 home groups, one for young Asian Adults, who are now taking up leadership roles in a newly set up Chinese Church under the banner of the main Church. The other group was for mature women of my age group and it was one of those women who brought in some of the spirits into my home, which resulted in the inside damage. Both those groups have disbanded in the form they were taking due to my departure from Adelaide back to Melbourne. In my move, which is taking a great blow to my health and strength, Satan is still on the attack. He’s not winning of course as The Father is my master and protector, …. But as my health declines I can’t help but think how can a person in my position possibly be such a service to God that it would be worth Satan’s attention on me. I stand firm in my commitment to the Father, not wavering even a hairs breath, but there must be more. I can’t even go to Church as I can’t sit on anything other than a soft upholstered chair because of the worsening cancer and severe pain in my lower spine . My energy is wavering, my body is weakening. After 10 years of cancer and 3 weekly treatments, God is keeping me here for something – but what ? I try to wait patiently, but the planner in me would really like to know. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Sorry I haven’t been able to donate in the last couple of months but selling, buying and moving, especially interstate incurs monstrous fees. Hope to get back to a budget very soon.
    Holding you, your colleagues and your family in prayer.
    Blessings. Julie

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