Have you ever had to go on a detour, or had a trip planned out only to find you’re delayed?

I have had this many times in my life, both driving, but also whilst flying to preach the gospel.

I will never forget one time, my friend David and I were trying to get from one city in Asia that we had ministered in, to another. We were scheduled to speak at a church in that city, yet we could not find a flight to get there! For over 8 hours we searched for a flight, not just us, but travel agents and friends as well! We were going to be significantly delayed and risked missing the service.

Just this past weekend I was meant to fly out to West Africa, as part of the CFAN BootCamp, and was delayed by two days due to a visa not coming through! After months of preparation for this incredible ministry trip, all was looking like it could be lost. No visa, no entry!

Delays can be unexpected and frustrating at the best of times. We want to be somewhere, but we quite simply aren’t! Maybe you’re wanting to be in a career that you aren’t yet. You’re trying to get into a college or university but you haven’t been accepted yet. You want to see a relationship restores and it hasn’t happened yet. The detour of your plans can be agonizing.

But I want you to know that Jesus is working even in the waiting.

God hasn’t stopped working even if your plans have.

In the book of Joshua, chapter 2, we see two of Gods chosen servants who were suddenly in danger of being caught. They were on a mission to scout out a city, when all of a sudden they had to run and hide in the roof of their host.

A detour! A distraction! A delay!

Yet in that moment they were shown favour a lady named Rahab who not only helped them, but as a reward was saved from certain death, and not just herself, but her whole family!

Our God is a God of the detour, and He can bring something wonderful out of something awful.

My friend and I finally got on a flight to that city we were meant to minister in. and guess who we sat next to? A personal friend and close confidant of the President of that nation. We talked and prayed together for over 4 hours! It was the most amazing divine appointment.

I finally got my visa for my Ministry trip, and I’m writing this blog from the sky on my way to West Africa.

Hear this, between when I was meant to fly out and now I have sowed the gospel into many, and have seen one whole family of siblings come to church, with one young lady from that group indicating that she too would now like to become a BootCamp student and Evangelist!

God doesn’t waste anything, and no time is wasted when He is at the center!

Are you delayed? Are you on a detour? Stop worrying and start enjoying the view! You just never know what God wants to show you!

– Andrew

PS- you can sow into our West Africa mission HERE.

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