I’ve spent a lot of time crying these past few days.

Crying is probably not even an adequate word, weeping is more accurate.

I’ve been weeping over the lost. Weeping over those that don’t yet know Jesus. Weeping over my new Muslim friend who tells me he has no certainty over his eternity, “Nothing is guaranteed in Islam, we just hope we have done enough to get into heaven.” Oh the tragedy of praying 5 times a day, fasting, giving to the poor and still wondering if one might make it into heaven!

I’ve been weeping over family members that don’t know Jesus or have walked away from Him. I’ve been weeping over those dying across the world without ever knowing Him.

Yet as I weep I find myself filling up with love and a resolve to reach those that don’t yet know Jesus even more.

I have the answer the world needs! Paul says, “if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, you will be saved!” Romans 10:9.

Oh what a joy to have the greatest gift the world could ever need, the salvation of their souls and the rebirth of their very beings into new creations that get to rule and reign with Christ!

Oh what a joy.

And so I cry. I cry because the more I feel His heart for the lost the more I am compelled to share His gospel. I’ve been sharing with multiple people every day. Just last night I was at a drive through and this woman, covered in rainbow tattoos and rainbow badges and rainbow lanyard, served me. I held her hand and told her about the love of Jesus for her. “You have no idea how much I need this right now”, she said.

Tears are the sowing and the investing into the harvest to come.

Tears for the lost are deposits into the soon to be found.

What would it look like to get down on your knees right now and ask God to show you His heart for the lost?

You may just be moved to a place of weeping and from a place of weeping, incredible action.

If perfect love casts out fear, the first step to destroying the fear of man when it comes to evangelism, is to fill yourself up with the love of God for the lost.

Join me in weeping,


PS- I know many of my friends are on lockdown right now. what better time to intercede for the lost? Why not spend this time praying for those that don’t yet know Jesus and sharing with them either online or once you can, in person. Today is the day of salvation, I pray God would use you for His glory in this season.

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