If you were to ask the majority of Millennials or Generation Z’s, what a rainbow stands for, they would say, “Diversity and the LGBTQI Movement.”

Ask any 8 year old this week, and they will tell you it stands for HOPE.

Despite the terrible tragedy of the Coronavirus pandemic, there have been some incredible initiatives and movements birthed in this time.

One of the most astounding and joy filled movements has been the “Rainbow Trail”. Children are using chalk and paint to draw rainbows, all over the world, to tell their peers and the adults in their lives that there is HOPE!

Indeed after every storm, there is a rainbow.

Much like the original rainbow sent after the 40 day flood in the Bible, these rainbows being painted all over the world are reminding people that this pandemic will end, there is HOPE for us all!

It is such a simple concept with very simple tools, tools that nearly every 8 year old has, yet the impact has been amazing. My children can’t wait to go for our daily walks to see how many new rainbows there are in the windows and driveways of our street. My children have been drawing them as well, and this has given them purpose and a reminder of God’s faithfulness in this time.

And so I have realized that with just what we have in our hands, we can make a significant difference and we can take what the enemy intends for evil and claim it (or reclaim it) for good. We can see darkness be over come with light. As my friend Pat Steele says, “We can paint the world with love and joy!”

And so, I find myself asking my older friends, those who have maybe moved on from chalk to tablets, laptops, iPhones and Galaxy’s to join me in a movement that I believe can be just as effective in reclaiming that which has been spreading so much fear (Social Media), for the Kingdom of God and the cause of Christ.

Let’s flood social media, using what we have in our hands, with HOPE.

Introducing the Hope Movement. An idea whereby we can all share our stories of Hope, how we came to Christ and the difference He has made in our lives.

It’s literally this simple.

1. Shoot a 60 second Hope Story (your testimony) and upload it to your social media.

2. Use the tags #hopestory and #hopemovement

3. Challenge your friends / church / page / group to do the same. Tag them, message them, and spread the challenge.

4. Then share this blog and the video below to let everyone know about this challenge.

Find out more about this movement, and register for more ideas on how to share hope, at www.hopemovement.com.au

I can’t wait to see my social media filled with your stories of hope. Instead of simply consuming content in this season, let’s create content that can change someone’s eternity. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be real. And your real story can make a real impact.

Imagine if just one of our unsaved friends meets Jesus and knows His love as a result of these videos! Just 60 seconds could change someone’s eternity forever!

See you online real soon!


PS- Can’t do a video? Why not post your story as your status? Or text your story to some friends. We can all make a difference in this time!

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