No intelligent soldier wins a battle and then jumps into unrestrained celebrations or unguarded rest the day after.

Soldiers know that the day after the battle is more important than the day of the battle, because this time serves as one of the most important opportunities for the victor and also for those that have lost their ground.

For the victor, this is their chance to fortify their position and to plan to take more ground.

For the loser, this is their opportunity for a counter-attack.

So, how did Australia’s newly re-elected Prime Minister, Scott Morrison (ScoMo), spend the day after his election victory?

In church.

Why? Because a miracle got him there, and miracles are needed to keep him there, and to see more ground taken in the future.

I can’t tell you the amount of times, early on in ministry, that I would have a “win” in the things of God, only to find the day after that I’d be feeling flat, irritable, and battling with sin crouching at my door.

I am so thankful that someone shared with me once what I share with you now.

The day after the battle is more important than the day of the battle.

I believe PM Scott Morrison understands this, and I believe that this is why he is positioning himself for further victory by being in prayer, and in church, today.

As it is with Prime Minister Scott Morrison, so it must be with all Australian Christians who believe that “ScoMo’s” re-election is a victory from God.

We must continue in prayer. We must continue to look to God. We must continue to fight on.

Now is not the time for unrestrained celebration or unguarded rest. Now is the time to take more ground.

Last year, 70,000 + babies were aborted in Australia.

Victoria is on the cusp of it’s first legal assisted suicides.

Meanwhile, somewhat ironically, our youth suicide rate is one of the highest in the world.

There is still very much an agenda in this nation to see radical left ideologies sweep across our schools.

Millions of Australian’s still don’t know the hope of the gospel.

The list could go on.

There is clearly much more to be done.

And so, on this “day after the battle”, I encourage you to fight on.

Pray for Scott Morrison and his family.

Keep leaning into the Spiritual Awakening that is happening across Australia (have you heard of movements like Awakening Australia or the Canberra Declaration?).

Keep preaching the gospel.

Keep fighting for the unborn.

Keep seeing God’s kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Keep being the church wherever you live, work, and play.

Australian Church, praise God for this miracle. Let’s walk and work together to see many more!


2 thoughts on “The Day After the Battle.

  1. We pray along with you Andrew & acknowledgment the heartfelt commitment you have given to keep everyone informed, updated & aware of what has been going on in the lead up to, during & after this election.
    I for one have been challenged, I have loved the lively debates & differences of opinion in some of the many comments to your posts at times. Thank you & blessings for provision in abundance for whatever you & your family needs. Xx
    Deb & Warren

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