It was a clear day, as clear as the days get in a city fighting incredible levels of pollution. The streets were teeming with people, making the most of the tail end of the local religious holiday.

I was talking with my friend about how I longed to see God’s Kingdom come more and more in everyday life.

We were sitting in a mall, having lunch, it was a very “everyday” kind of moment.

“Why don’t we just ask God to use us today and tomorrow as we go about what we were planning on going about, some more time at the mall and a trip to a local zoo?” I asked.

So, we prayed, and immediately I turned around and saw him.

He was sitting alone at a nearby table just outside the local eatery, playing games on his phone and smoking a cigarette.

I walked up to him, offering a hand and my name.

“Andrew”, I said.

“Jeffrey”, he replied.

“Mind if I take a seat?”

My new friend hesitantly motioned I was welcome to join him.

“What are you doing today?” he asked.

I had earlier been sitting nearby sharing stories for an upcoming mini-documentary on the supernatural activity and love of God that some friends and I are working on, and he had evidently noticed me.

“Filming… about the supernatural love of God.”

“Are you a Christian?” he asked.

“Yes, and you?”

“Catholic, although I haven’t been to church for a very long time.”

“Can I pray for you my friend?”, I smiled.

“I haven’t prayed for a very long time either… actually what does it look like and how long will it take?”

“Not long”, I assured him, and we started to pray.

I could tell by the way that he shook my hand and smiled after I prayed that God had touched his life.

I encouraged him to keep praying.

I walked away, also touched by God, as I was reminded, He is simply looking for vessels to use to demonstrate His love, if only we would be available.

The next day we were off to the zoo. We prayed as we walked, myself, my videographer mate, and three friends from a local church who were hungry to have God use them to reach their fellow neighbours for Jesus too.

“God let us be used by you today, let us hear your voice and have the courage to obey when we do.”

As we walked into the zoo, the crowds lining up to enter with us, so captured my heart as individuals who need to know the love and life of Jesus.

“To the lake”, one of our local friends shared. I hear the word, “lake”.

Let’s go.

It wasn’t long until we were sitting by the lake with a group of young people we had only just met, sharing lunch, sharing stories they had never heard, from the Bible.

Soon after that moment, we had another that reminded me, once again, that when we pray “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done” and we back our prayer with availability, the impossible can become possible.

I saw her out of the corner of my eye. I’d say she was in her mid to late thirties. A mother, out with her family and friends for the day, but she was clearly not enjoying herself.

Pain was written on her face and evident in her walk. She limped with a severity that I have rarely seen someone walk with, at least without the aid of a walker or sticks. Dragging one leg, I could tell she was in a world of hurt.

I turned to another local friend, “Come with me, that lady needs a miracle, let’s pray for her.”

She looked concerned. “I haven’t done this before.”

“It’s ok, just pray like Jesus.”

She placed her hand on the ladies knee and began to pray.

“All pain, leave in the name of Jesus. Knee be healed.”

The ladies face began to light up. “It feels much better!”

We prayed again.

“Wow, it is completely healed!”

I looked her in the eyes and encouraged her, “Jesus healed you, and He can heal your heart too. Anytime you want, you can pray to Jesus.”

She walked away with a spring in her step. My friend did too, for God had used her to perform a miracle, and to demonstrate Jesus’ love in such an amazing way.

Isn’t it amazing what God can do when we simply make ourselves available.

More stories to come.

– Andrew






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