I did not plan to blog today… I’m prepping for a week and a half of ministry and conferences in Asia… but I just heard a song lyric and I felt like I HAD to write.
I’ll keep it short and sweet.
So…I am tormented at the moment at my self-perceived lack of purpose. I am unemployed, homeless (living at the in-laws), and in terms of what’s next, from ministry to geography, mostly directionless.
God has called me into a season of rest, but it doesn’t feel like much of a calling! I’m a man, a productive man, I produce things, I do things, I lead things and make things, what could rest possibly produce?!
Did I just say that?
Yes. I did.
I know in my head that rest in the Spirit produces more than any activity often can. Mary, in her rest at Jesus’ feet, was doing what was more valuable than Martha in her rushing around. It was out of a place of prayer and rest that Jesus was able to face the cross. It was rest that God Himself modeled and commanded as the first thing that He did after creating the earth.
I know in my head that one day in His house is better than a thousand elsewhere.
I know in my head that God is calling me to rest.
I know in my head…
But I just had a heart moment.
I’m sitting here, sermon preparing on the topic of loving your neighbor as yourself, while listening to Apple Music Radio, and on comes the following song- 

Measure of a Man (listen after you read this blog)
“Did you learn to love? That’s what You will ask of me

Did you learn to love? Not about my ministry

Did you learn to love? Not about my money

Did you learn to love? Did you learn to love”
(Words by Misty Edwards)
That’s when it hit my heart.
I felt the Lord say, “This rest season is about love, Andrew.”
You’re so good at the second greatest commandment, but what about the first?

 Love Me.
In fact, the second commandment flows out of the first, and is the second for a reason. You don’t get the fullness of the second step until you have taken the first.
Sit at My feet. Rest in Me.
The fruit you will produce out of a place of rest is the fruit that will last. In the end, it all comes down to love.
Stop focussing on the call and look to the caller.
Stress less about your own productivity, and ask what the Lord might be seeking to produce in you?
Rest a while, love a while. In the end, this is what matters the most.
– Andrew

This blog originally appeared at pastorandrew.blog

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