Hi kids,

Today I want to talk to you about each other. That’s right, today I want to talk to you about siblings.

Sean, you’re already such a great big brother, and Abi you are the greatest little sister- always so excited to see Sean.

Siblings is a challenging topic to write on. Like many, (and you may very well experience this as you grow up together) I’ve had some of the greatest memories ever with my siblings, and we’ve had some challenges too. I’ve had my fair share of fights with my brother- I even broke a chair over him once… yet now we would die for each other. I’ve laughed so hard with my sisters, and we’ve cried a lot too.

But here’s some truth for you. Your role as brother and sister is exclusively yours, and therefore can not be replaced. Sean, unless we have other boys, you are Abi’s only brother. No one else can play that role. Abi, unless we have other girls, you are Sean’s only sister- that’s a unique role you play.

So… here is my wisdom for you.

  1. Always forgive each other. You’re siblings for life… so keep your fights short and as sweet as possible, then make up with each other and forgive and love each other.
  2. Sean- always protect, respect and honor your sister. Aside from me, you are the man that will have the most impact on your sister’s life in the beginning stages of her life. Love her and respect her and set her up for an epic future where she has high standards of how men should treat her.
  3. Abigail- keep your brother to what I said in number 2, but also don’t be too harsh on your brother. He will do his best, I know. He has the kindest heart, keep your eyes on Jesus. Sisters can place brothers on pedestals and when brothers fail, sisters can be crushed. But remember that Christ is our example, we are all just doing our best to follow Him, not each other. Always be kind to your brother… and his future wife! 😉
  4. Have fun together. One of the coolest things about having siblings is that you will always have your memories with each other. You will be siblings for life! So go on vacations, go out for meals, love each others kids and spouses, and enjoy the journey together.
  5. Be there for each other. One day, your Mum and I won’t be around, but God willing, you will both have each other. So support each other with prayer, love and encouragement.

Love you little munchkins so much!


About the series:

I’m 29 right now, but soon I’ll be 30. 30 sounds so young to some, but to me right now, it’s feels old! It’s a real milestone.
It’s sounds funny to say this but the closer I get to 30 the more I think about what legacy I’ll leave my kids.
To be completely honest, the closer I get to 30, the more I realize I won’t always be here for them, one day I’ll go to heaven and get to be with Jesus face to face, and they’ll have to walk this earth with God in their hearts, the Holy Spirit as their comforter and guide, and Jesus as their example and intercessor, but they won’t have me here. So, for the times they might wonder, what would Dad have to say about this… I’m writing them a blog a day for 30 days. They might not need it now, but if they ever do, I hope it speaks to them.

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