Hi kids!

Dad here again.

Today I graduated from my Masters at Seminary. My degree was a Masters of Arts in Global Leadership.

To be honest, I’m not big on ceremony and formalities, and I wasn’t really looking forward to the day.

However, I soon realized that the day would be more significant than I thought. As I walked into the church filled with thousands of people, for the graduation ceremony… I found myself a little in awe of what I was a part of and what I was doing.

However, the most powerful time was during a worship song and prayer, towards the end of the formalities. I found myself praying a prayer that said something like this, “Almighty God, I dedicate my life to the service of You and the service of others.”

In that moment, I had a thought that hit me with encouragement. I’m right where I should be, right now. Graduating from a degree that was completely in line with my life’s purpose.

I believe that I am on earth to preach the good news of Jesus, to reach people for Jesus, to lead them towards Jesus, and to launch them into greater things than I could ever do. As a Pastor, and a Leader- I’m aware that I am actually living out my life’s calling at this moment- and it is both a humbling realization and a real source of joy.

But here’s the thing kids. I couldn’t have had that moment of thankfulness to God for leading me into and through the center of His will, had I not known what His purpose was for me in the first place.

If I can encourage you with one thing today kids, it’s this. Find your life’s purpose, and then live it out!

I’ve heard it said, “There are two important dates in someone’s life. The first one is the day they are born, the second one is the day that they find out why they were born.

Sean, you are so gifted. Find out what God wants to use those gifts for, and go for it! Don’t hold back.

Abi, I know you can change the world! But before you do, be still as God’s child in His world. Learn to listen to God and what Jesus says about you and your purpose, then go, go, go!

Proverbs 3:5,6 says, “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart, in all your ways submit to Him and He will direct your paths.”

Trust Him, He knows best.

Don’t grab your life’s purpose off of opportunities and peer pressure. Find your life’s purpose by spending time on your knees before God… but once you get it, run with it.

I love you both and I truly believe you can do anything through Christ.

But before you do, do, do… take some time to just be. We are human beings not human doings.

Don’t let the enemy tell you you can’t when Jesus says you can. Listen to God’s voice!

Don’t be visionless. Find God’s vision for you, He created you with a purpose.

Anyhow, enough for now. I’ll write some more tomorrow.

With more love than you could imagine,




About the series:

I’m 29 right now, but in 30 days I’ll be 30. 30 sounds so young to some, but to me right now, it’s feels old! It’s a real milestone.

It’s sounds funny to say this but the closer I get to 30 the more I think about what legacy I’ll leave my kids.

To be completely honest, the closer I get to 30, the more I realize I won’t always be here for them, one day I’ll go to heaven and get to be with Jesus face to face, and they’ll have to walk this earth with God in their hearts, the Holy Spirit as their comforter and guide, and Jesus as their example and intercessor, but they won’t have me here. So, for the times they might wonder, what would Dad have to say about this… I’m writing them a blog a day for 30 days. They might not need it now, but if they ever do, I hope it speaks to them.

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