Today I spoke at one of the most amazing Kingdom minded churches I have ever experienced.

And to many, what occurred in that church would make no sense.

The topic- the church gatherings that we are looking at starting down the road from this church.

That’s right, I was invited by a church to share about our church plant… that will be five minutes away, in the same city.

I was given no restrictions, nothing was taboo, I was simply asked to share about our church.

This isn’t the first time this church has had planters like me come to share. They recently hosted another planter, who also shared about his church and the needs they currently have.

Now, I know some of you reading might be thinking… so what? Is this really worth a blog. What’s so “controversial”, why does this not make sense?

Let me explain to you how much this does not make sense, by giving you some illustrations.

Imagine a coffee shop owner (or “cafe”, for my Aussie friends) bringing in a future cafe owner and asking him to stand up in front of all of that coffee shops most loyal customers and promote his new coffee shop, just down the road.

Imagine a carpenter introducing a prospective home builder to all the other carpenters in the area.

Imagine a restaurant with directions to the nearest restaurant posted out the front of their site.

Imagine an online health store featuring a link to their competitors store on their home page.

It makes no sense… right?

Unless all that coffee shop cares about is getting people to drink more coffee regardless of the “brand”.

Unless that carpenter just cares about the house being built.

Unless the restaurant really has only one mission, people being fed.

Unless the health food store cares only about people being healthy, no strings attached.

Kingdom minded churches make no sense…

Unless their number one priority is more people having the chance to know the love and life of Jesus…

regardless of the “brand”…

or what name is on the building.

As long as people are being fed, there are no strings attached.


I can’t tell you how inspired I am after being with this Kingdom minded church this morning. I hope they inspire you too.

I’ve heard it said that it takes courage for a Pastor to send one of his staff to plant a church down the road from his or her campus.

Today I witnessed something greater than courage. I witnessed selfless confidence in Christ.

The kind of selfless confidence that John the Baptist had. The kind of selfless confidence that world changers and legacy leavers have.

To the church that hosted me today, I honour you. I have no words to tell you how inspiring you are to me. When I grow up, I want to lead a church with a mindset like yours.

All about Jesus, all about people, all of the time. Kingdom minded, no strings attached.

Thank you.


John 18:36 “….My kingdom is not of this world…. ”

A side note:I remember a Pastor friend of mine who was starting a church in a city being told that, “this city doesn’t need another church”, by many of the Pastors that were already in that city. His response, “you’re right, given the average size of churches in this city, we don’t need another church, we need hundreds more if we are to reach everyone in this city!” I am so thankful this church today, and many in my city, have said “Welcome, we need more churches!” If you’re a Pastor or a church member, I pray this would be your confident selfless attitude, whenever a new church comes to town. Let’s see God’s kingdom advanced, and partner TOGETHER with Him, to see it become a reality.

2 thoughts on “Why Kingdom Minded Churches Just Don’t Make Sense

  1. Love this!! What a great pastor saying that 😉 So great that has stuck with you! We find that we’re continually saying this over and over because sadly, not every church sees it this way 😦 So glad you got this opportunity. Praying God that many more establish churches would be like this about up and coming church plants in their own neighbourhoods!!

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